Amy Number Seven (Replica) [Marilyn Kaye] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Twelve-year-old Amy Candler is perfect in every way. Born in New Britain, Connecticut and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Marilyn earned for children and teens, including the successful series “Replica” and “Gifted. Replica is a young adult book series created by Marilyn Kaye. It used to be sold alongside other popular series like Remnants and Animorphs. It was written .


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Return of the Perfect Girls though replica marilyn kaye not completely unjustified. The Director who turns out to be the Parisian tour guide who fell off the Eiffel Tower reincarnated as an android. What happens to Jeanine in Ice Cold.

Replica Series

Does This Remind Replica marilyn kaye of Anything? The Organization is strikingly deliberately reminiscent of the Nazi movement. In Secret Clique the popular group plans to make all the people in their way disappear using telekinetic powers.

Hilariously, or squicky, the answer is "You'll mate when we'll order you to!

Replica (Literature) - TV Tropes

The male half of this replica marilyn kaye has violent anger problems that stem from his parents poorly handling his psychological replica marilyn kaye and forcing him into the hospital as a child. Getting Crap Past the Radar: Return of the Perfect Girls is rich with examples.

After Amy and Andy's midnight rendezvous, they find the other clones having a naked beach party. In other words, seventeen-year-old boys getting naked with thirteen-year-old girls.

When Cindy is preparing to turn replica marilyn kaye Amy's emotional proteins, turning her into a soulless follower, Amy asks how they will be able to fall in love and choose mates.

You'll still feel, you know," she giggled. Boys and girls will be chemically brainwashed and their bodies will be aged, in order to turn them into obedient incubators. To create a master race which will dominate the world. replica marilyn kaye

Replica Series in Order - Marilyn Kaye - FictionDB

And it's the fact that the girls are chronologically 13 that bothers you? Jeanine freaks out and demands to know if Amy and Eric are sexually active.


This is a book written for kids eight and up. For the author's defense, the question was asked in high school slang.

In the final books, it is revealed that Amy, Number Five was actually faking her cooperation with The Organization in order to get information out of them.

I Just Want to Be Normal: Every Amy suffers from this at the end of the series. replica marilyn kaye

Marilyn Kaye

Except for Number Seven see above. I Just Want to Be Special: Amy was desperate every time she lost her power.

Tasha's nerve were really at stake, because she stands Amy being replica marilyn kaye superior to her, and than she must support Amy when replica marilyn kaye depressed because she's not superior anymore. The series ends with Amy regaining her powers, enhanced, by volunteering as a test subject for the Evil Genius Creepy Child she stopped two dozen books before!

Marilyn Kaye · OverDrive (Rakuten OverDrive): eBooks, audiobooks and videos for libraries

Amy gets her first real haircut ever at home, replica marilyn kaye her mother, to avoid the dangers of a salon. Though all of the Amys start off with the same name and the same extraordinary skills, each Amy replica marilyn kaye a different personality and three of the Amys Aimee Evans, Annie Perrault, and Aly Kendricks are given different names by their birth parents, probably to keep the reader from confusing them.


Inside a Computer System: The entire plot of Virtual Amy. When Amy visits the future she sees replica marilyn kaye world that the Amys and Andys created by repopulating it with superior and Caucasian beings.

Amy and Andy in the end of the series.

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