radioactivity methods is also given. General Principles of Radar Altimetry. A radar altimeter is a low-power radar system that measures the. Radar altimeter to determine flight altitude or height. Figure 1: Radar- Altimeter display using a logarithmic scale Figure 2: Principle of measurement. Jump to Principle - Principle. As the name implies, radar (radio detection and ranging) is the underpinning principle of the system. The system transmits radio waves down to the ground and measures the time it takes them to be reflected back up to the aircraft.‎ITU definition · ‎Pulse-limited altimetry · ‎Frequency-modulated · ‎Error budget.


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Inclination gives the highest latitude at which the satellite can take measurements. It depends upon a number of constraints e. The satellite can be tracked in a number of ways so as to measure its altitude with the greatest possible accuracy and thus determine its precise orbitaccurate to within 1 radio altimeter principle 2 cm.

5.1.1 Basic Principle

This chip operates in the K-Band The modulation or a frequency change is dependent on a control voltage and is connected to an external circuit, which is either a fixed voltage then operates the module as a CW radarradio altimeter principle it is controlled by a processor and based on the output voltage radio altimeter principle a digital-analogue converter.

The output signal of the mixer is usually provided as I and Q signals, and needs to be substantially amplified before the analogue-to-digital conversion.

Here, the frequency sweep is stopped, however, after reaching the maximum measurement range.

Therefore, the transmission signal looks more like a signal of pulse radar using radio altimeter principle modulation. This break has no direct influence on the maximum measuring distance here. However, it is necessary to read the measured data from a buffer, and to transmit them lossless through narrowband line to the display unit.


Due to its operation - the frequency comparison of the received echo signal with the transmitted signal, which is available across the entire distance - it radio altimeter principle an FMCW radar, it will only intermittently switched off for a few milliseconds, as more data are simply not needed.

An imaging radar must perform a distance measurement for each point on the monitor. A range resolution that is more dependent here on the size of a pixel of this screen and from the ability of the signal processing radio altimeter principle provide the data in the required speed.

It is required a high-resolution screen with the pixel resolution, that as a minimum for each range difference two pixels must be available, so even if the measured signal is exactly radio altimeter principle the position of two pixels, both pixels 'light up' and upon movement of the target, the number radio altimeter principle pixels used, and thus the relative brightness of the target character is the same.

The frequency deviation of 65 MHz per millisecond corresponds to a frequency changing of 65 hertz per nanosecond. Modern systems use other means, for example, measurement of the change of phase between the transmitted and reflected signal.

Radio Altimeter - SKYbrary Aviation Safety

The altitude specified by the device is not the indicated altitude of the standard radio altimeter principle altimeter. Absolute altitude is sometimes referred to as height[ citation needed ] because it is the height above the underlying terrain.

Military aviation applications[ edit ] Radar altimeters are also used in military aircraft to fly quite low over the land and the sea to avoid radar detection and targeting by anti-aircraft guns or surface-to-air radio altimeter principle.

A related use of radar altimeter technology is terrain-following radarwhich allows fighter bombers to fly at very low altitudes.

Radar altimeter

Air Force have a forward-looking, terrain-following radar TFR system connected via digital computer to their automatic pilots. A, the reflection from the radio altimeter principle and B the higher frequency. What do the letters mean? Display, receiver transmitter, and antenna.

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