Qualitative data are data about categorical variables (e.g. what type). The graphs below arrange the quantitative and qualitative data to show. Qualitative Graphs. These are the graphs of your life! and explain the difference between functions and non-functions using graphs, equations, and tables. Explore Katie Kilgore Widener's board "Qualitative graphs" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Teaching math, Teaching ideas and Algebra activities.


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Sketch graphs by interpreting situations | LearnZillion

Mode can be calculated, qualitative graphs it it the most frequency observed value. Medianmeasures of shapequalitative graphs of spread such as the range and interquartile range require an ordered data set with a logical low-end value and high-end value.


Qualitative graphs and standard deviation require qualitative graphs mean to be calculated, which is not appropriate for categorical variables as they have no numerical value.

By making inferences about quantitative data from a sample, estimates or projections for the total population can be produced. Quantitative data can be used to inform broader understandings of a population, or to consider how that population may change or progress into the future.

Statistical Language - Quantitative and Qualitative Data

For example, a simple income projection for an employee in may be inferred from the rate of change for data collected in, and Qualitative data are not compatible with inferential statistics as all techniques are based on numeric values.

Qualitative graphs is simply the relative frequency multiplied by Pie chart of iMac purchases illustrating frequencies of previous computer ownership. Pie charts are effective for displaying the relative qualitative graphs of a small number of categories.

They are not recommended, however, when you have a large number of categories. Pie charts can also be confusing when they are used to compare the outcomes of two different surveys or experiments.

Graphing Qualitative Variables

In an influential book on the use of graphs, Edward Tufte asserted, "The only worse design than a pie chart is several of them. If they are based on a small number of observations, it can be misleading to label the pie qualitative graphs with percentages. With so few people interviewed, such qualitative graphs large percentage of Windows users might easily have occurred since chance can cause large errors with small samples.

In this case, it is better to alert the user of the pie chart to the actual numbers involved. The slices should therefore be labeled with the actual frequencies observed e.

Qualitative graphs charts Bar charts can also be used to represent frequencies of different categories. A bar chart of the iMac purchases is shown in Figure 2. Frequencies qualitative graphs shown on the Y-axis and the type of computer previously owned is shown on the X-axis.

Typically, the Y-axis shows the number of observations in each category rather than the percentage of observations as is typical in pie charts.

Bar chart of iMac qualitative graphs as a function of previous computer ownership. Comparing Distributions Often we need to compare the results of different surveys, or of different conditions within the same overall survey. In this case, we are comparing the "distributions" of responses between the surveys or conditions.

Bar charts are qualitative graphs excellent for illustrating differences between two distributions.


Figure 3 shows the number of people playing card games at the Yahoo website on a Sunday and on a Wednesday in the Spring of We see that there were more players overall on Wednesday compared to Sunday. The number of qualitative graphs playing Pinochle was nonetheless the same on these two days.

In contrast, there were about twice as many people playing hearts on Wednesday as on Sunday. Facts like these emerge clearly from a well-designed bar chart. A bar chart of the number of people playing different qualitative graphs games on Sunday and Wednesday.


The bars in Figure 3 are oriented horizontally rather than vertically. The horizontal format is useful when you have many categories qualitative graphs there is more room for the category labels.

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