Prokofiev, Britten, Saint-Saens - Prokofiev: Peter and the Wolf - Music. Sergey Prokofiev. Peter and the Wolf, children's tale for narrator & orchestra, Op. Composition Information ↓; Description ↓; Parts/Movements ↓; Appears. Peter and the Wolf, Russian Petya i volk, children's theatre composition for orchestra and narrator by Sergey Prokofiev. The work, which tells a Russian folk tale.


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Peter and the Wolf - Wikipedia

Like most of Prokofiev's music, Peter and the Wolf features adroit thematic integration and development. Prokofiev peter and the wolf theme, the dominant theme of the work, is prokofiev peter and the wolf at the beginning of the piece, and is then combined with other subordinate themes.

This thematic blending is also closely tied to the dramatic action, underscoring developments in the story. Harmonically, the piece begins and ends in C major, but contains many sudden harmonic shifts, another important aspect of Prokofiev's style.

Three generations of Prokofievs have recorded the work: Stewart and Nagano are polished, accurate, sound beautiful and are quite uninvolving. Nagano does a better job with the Russian National Orchestra. Sophia Loren is an accomplished and sympathetic narrator. Unhappily, the rest of the short 47'50" disc is taken up with Mikhail Gorbachev mouthing mercifully brief platitudes in Russian, and Bill Clinton narrating a monumentally nauseous and politically correct version of the tale to the accompaniment of some elevator music.

Richard Baker, the broadcaster and music buff, had one of the great microphone voices of recent times. His narration, ideally balanced against the orchestra, bears repeated listening.

John Gielgud, in the first of two recordings, proves more warmly engaging than either Lee or McCowen, speaking the traditional text with that extraordinary and to my ears beautiful voice — though what young children today will make of his fluting tones I have no idea.

Recorded init still sounds amazingly well for its age but the performance now seems formal and old-fashioned. It requires five prokofiev peter and the wolf for a stage presentation.

In this episode, the characters' instruments are: Piga tuba ; Plucky Ducka bike horn later, bagpipesthen an organand finally a synthesizer ; and the wolverinedrums. Bachwrote an alternate, comedic text for the prokofiev peter and the wolf entitled Sneaky Pete and the Wolf, converting the story into a Westernincluding a showdown between Sneaky Pete and the gunslinger El Lobo which never happens due to some local boys' giving El Lobo a hotfoot and sticking a paper airplane in his eye, and Sneaky Pete's girlfriend Laura rendering El Lobo unconscious with a vacuum cleaner.

Prokofiev peter and the wolfa minute television film was made with a mix of live-actionanimation, and characters from the story designed by Chuck Jones.

The version debuted on ABC on 8 December This version keeps the duck-friendly ending by having the swallowed duck pop out of the wolf's mouth alive, well, and dancing as the wolf is being captured.

Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf – which recording is best? |

The wolf, described as "not a ballet fan", grabs the duck again before being forced to drop him by the hunters. As the story ends, Peter finds the duck crouching at the pond's edge, shivering and frightened because of his terrible experience, and Peter reassures it that he will always prokofiev peter and the wolf there to protect it.


This version even places the bird as a mother, with six eggs that hatch near the ending. Daugherty also one of the writers and Janis Diamond received a Writers Guild of America Award nomination for prokofiev peter and the wolf script.

A Special Report, which treats the familiar plot as if it were a developing news story.

Peter and the Wolf, children's tale for narrator & orchestra, Op. 67

Each character is followed around by a soloist playing that character's instrument, but Telly Monster's "Duck" quits the story after learning the wolf eats the duck.

He returns as one of the hunters later. Peter and the Wolf: Peter and the Wolf The clarinet is the cat: Peter and prokofiev peter and the wolf Wolf The old-fashioned and stubborn grandfather is played by the bassoon: Peter and the Wolf And the wolf is represented by a trio of French horns:

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