Project Management for Dummies has ratings and 43 reviews. More than two thirds of American companies use teams to execute their most important proje. The Fourth edition of Project Management for Dummies is updated with latest information in the field of project management. As the. Now with 25 percent new and updated content, Project Management For Dummies introduces you to the principles of successful project management and.


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Project Management For Dummies - Graham Nick,Portny Stanley E. | Public βιβλία

Penumbra Amazonpraised the book for the simple language that is used and pointed out that the tool project management for dummies the end of each chapter which matches the simplified topic back to the PMI language is very helpful.

Ian Feavearyear of Goodreads Inc. He also stated that it contained very practical advice.

Jersey Mike Amazon wishes that all managers would read the project management for dummies because in his experience he has seen a number of projects that would have profited from the advice within the book. Content, Approach, Style The information contained in the book is very comprehensive as it covers project management project management for dummies the very initial stages of defining projects and their goals to the use of technology to enhance results.


It starts with the fundamentals and walks users through the process from planning to scheduling techniques, along with providing a guide to doing estimations as well as risk management. One section touches on the very important topic of dealing with people, the most important resource in the average project plan.

It shares techniques and tips to identify and deal with the people who are key to the success of projects. project management for dummies


Additionally there are methods to track and analyse a project from start to finish. About the Author Stanley E. He has provided training and consultation to more than public and private organizations, and he project management for dummies developed and conducted training programs for more than 50, management and staff personnel.


I learned more that I enjoyed but I can say that if you really suck at handling a project, at the end of the book you will feel special like at least you've learned something. It's a big La gestion de projet pour les nuls is not what you called an easy book project management for dummies read.

Project Management for Dummies – A Book Review

It's a big book, so if you're lazy I recommend you to separate the book in part so you won't feel like it never end. I still feel like I've learned things that i will use, but you can't remember everything, Project management for dummies suggest to people to take this book as their project management for dummies for their project, that's what I will do.

A good point was the multiple examples in the book, cause whenever I felt like I was missing something they expose it with a real life example and situation that I could be a part of one day.

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