Age of the Five is a trilogy of fantasy novels by Australian author Trudi Canavan; it consists of the novels: Priestess of the White, Last of the Wilds and Voice of  ‎Plot synopsis · ‎The Five/Circle · ‎Chaia/Sheyr · ‎Huan/Hrun. Now, ten years later she is a Priestess of the White, gifted with exceptional powers by the gods. Auraya still needs time to fully adapt to her new. Priestess of the White has ratings and reviews. Jensownzoo said: Okay, I give up. I couldn't even finish this one, which is very rare for me


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Trudi Canavan, author of the bestselling Black Magician trilogy, embarks up on a wonderful new fantasy series set in a classical world of magic, heroes, gods and forbidden love.

When Auraya was chosen to become a priestess of the white, it meant leaving behind her village, her family and the friendship she had formed with Leiard, the local Dreamweaver. Masters of herb lore and healing, Dreamweavers were despised for their heathen beliefs, and Auraya knew that she must hide her respect for the godless healers if she was to succeed in her new role.

Trudi Canavan | Priestess of the White

In southern Ithania live opponents of the White, who claim to worship five different gods known as the Five. Both factions vie for control over their opponents, and eventually engage in war.

Auraya protagonist is chosen to be a White. Beginning with diplomatic missions, she later moves on to fighting in a major battle between the north and the south.


She discovers she has innate powers far exceeding those of her peers; it later turns out that she is a potential new Wild a group of immortal sorcerers who have been persecuted by the will of the gods.

Later in the series the Wilds are discovered to be at the final stage before godhood, and they discover a way to kill the priestess of the white pantheon of gods.

Here we've got conflict between Pentadrians and Circlians. Still it priestess of the white obvious for me from the very beginning that the scales of victory are going to tilt on the side of Circlians One more thing that irritated me was poor duplication of Sonea in the person of Auraya - the chosen priestess of the white, the brave, the greatest, loved and admired by everyone.

It's not that funny as it was for the first time, especially that Sonea was way better and much more likable than Auraya.


Not only that I don't like her but sadly I have to admit that I can't stand her and her fake willingness priestess of the white be the good White. Maybe my rating would be higher if not the fact that I read The Black Magician trilogy first and was delighted by the plot, completely new way of understanding magic and putting young apprentices into the Magicians' Guild.


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