Learn more about Pop-Up Paper Structures in the National Library Board Singapore digital collection. Pop-Up Paper Structures: The Beginner's Guide to Creating 3-D Elements for Books, Cards & More: Beginner's Guide to Creating 3-D Elements for Books, Cards. Peter Dahmen Papierdesign. The Pop-Up Channel , views. Beautiful Handmade.


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Craft Hour: Pop-Up Cards and Paper Structures

To begin with, please introduce us about your work and tell us when did you first became interested in pop-up? I remember, that I always loved to create things from paper and cardboard, even since I was pop up paper structures child. But it was in the yearduring my design studies, when we had the task to create three dimensional objects from paper and cardboard — that Pop up paper structures had the problem, how to transport my huge architectural structures to the university.

So I decided to create 3D artworks that are foldable — to make them easier to transport.

Since then, I create pop up sculptures. Did you have any formal education for this kind of art? I had no teacher for this kind of art.

Peter Dahmen – Wish

When I started to create pop up cards, there was no such thing like the internet! But I got a lot of inspiration through some pop up books that I knew from the bookstore — but I did not own a pop up book at that time.

So I taught myself to create pop up structures — through hours and hours of personal experience, by trial and error. How long have you been making pop-up sculptures and pop up cards?

I create pop up cards since about 24 years now. What are the most usual themes that can be found in your pop up paper structures In my personal artworks, I am mostly interested in architectural themes.

When I work for commercial projects for clientsthe motifs can be nearly everything — from a restaurant scene to a football stadium. What kind pop up paper structures paper do you use for sculptures?

It always depends on the effect, that I want to achieve: For soft things e.

Pop-Up Paper Structures - National Library Board Singapore - OverDrive

In my opinion, you can create something beautiful from all different sorts of paper and cardboard. And what about the colour of the paper.

How much are the colors important for a pop-up sculpture? When I create my personal artworks — which are usually created to be single, unique pieces, I pop up paper structures to make them in white, or at least with only a few colors. I think, that the form, the structure and the movement are the most important aspects in my kind of art — and color pop up paper structures only distract the view.

Pop-up paper structures download

When I am working for clients, I usually have to keep in mind, that the pop up cards have to be produced in a large edition 1.

Therefore, the cards can only be constructed of very few pieces.

pop up paper structures Let me give you an example: When I create a pop up card which shows a building with many windows, they would have to be cut out piece by piece — if the pop up card would be completely made from white paper.

It would not be a problem, if the pop up sculpture was a single piece.


What would you say, how much time do you need for only one single idea?

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