We should not. Not only because roasting little children alive and rejoicing is a matter of shame, which a mob of Muslims did on the fateful day of Feb This week we will cover the post-independence politics of India from to And in this lecture, we cover a huge sweep of history, about 60 years or. Political History of India. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru (14 November - 27 May ) sworn-in as the first Prime Minister of the independent India and picked out fifteen ministers in his cabinet. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel (31 October - 15 December ) assumed office as the first Deputy Prime Minister of India.


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Many rights and privileges of the rulers of the princely states, especially their personal estates and privy purses, were guaranteed to convince them to accede. Some of them political history of india made Rajpramukh governor and Uprajpramukh deputy governor of the merged states.

Some princely states such as Tripura and Manipur acceded later in There were three states that proved more difficult to integrate than others: Hyderabad Hindu majority state with a Muslim nizam — Patel ordered the Political history of india army to depose the government of the Nizamcode named Operation Poloafter the failure of negotiations, which was done between 13—17 September It was incorporated as a state of India the next year.

History of the Republic of India

The area of Kashmir Muslim majority state with a Hindu king in the far north of the subcontinent quickly became a source of controversy that erupted into the First Indo-Pakistani War which lasted from to August 15, PTI Photo On 15 Augustat the stroke of the midnight hour, while half the world slept and the other half lay chained by colonialism, the epochal question before the Indian people switched.

Till then, it was: When he launched his phase of our freedom struggle ina notable Indian sceptic famously scoffed: The British empire political history of india last political history of india.

Within another 30 years, colonial rule had vanished. The first part of the answer was easy.

70 years in Indian politics and policy - Livemint

India had not won freedom from Britain in order to deny freedom to its own people. It is often suggested, by apologists of Empire, that the British gave us democracy. He believed in the people and their rights.

His programme was anchored in mass action. He rejected both the class elitism of Lords and Ladies and the class political history of india of Karl Marx.


The British did not give us democracy. What they gave us was the Westminster model, which is quite another story. Series of bomb blasts in Bombay now Mumbai.

A brief history of democracy

India conducts five nuclear tests, joins club of countries possessing nuclear weapons. Pakistan tests six atomic weapons in response. The two countries sign Lahore pact committing both to bilateral dispute political history of india. Indian army evicts Pakistani army regulars and militants from the heights of Kargil inside the Line of Control in Kashmir.

The states of Uttarakhand, Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand are formed.


Communal violence breaks out in Gujarat after a coach of Sabarmati Express is set on fire at Godhra railway station. Right to Information Act implemented.

Indian Politics, Indian Political Scenario, Political History of India

National Rural Employment Guarantee Act,implemented. Ten members of Lashkar-e-Taiba carry out a series of coordinated shooting and bombing attacks at different locations, including Taj hotel, in Mumbai.

India and Bangladesh swap more than enclaves.

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