Section 24 of the Police Act allows any police officer to stop and search without warrant any vehicle which he has reasonable grounds for. POLICE ACT (REVISED ). ACT Remove Highlights (1) Any Officer in Charge of a Police District or any police officer duly. Police (Scotland) Act CHAPTER An Act to consolidate certain enactments relating to police forces in Scotland and to the execution of warrants in.


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Police duties[ edit ] It specifies the scope of the duties of the Police act 1967 Malaysia Police. In the Section 3 3 of Police Act stipulates that the duties police act 1967 the Royal Malaysia Police personnel are as follows: Original As Enacted or Made: The original version of the legislation as it stood when it was enacted or made.


No changes have been applied to the text. In this subsection "sheriff" does hot include a sheriff-substitute.

Amalgamations 19Schemes for amalgamation of police forces 1 If it appears to the police act 1967 authorities for any two or more police areas that it is expedient that those areas should be combined for police purposes, they may for that purpose submit to the Secretary of State a scheme in this Act referred to as an " amalgamation scheme " and the Secretary of State may by order approve any scheme so submitted to him.

However, the same report stated that the Ministry denied having such roadblocks being set up. Whether or not such roadblocks have been set up, it leaves us with the question: Do the police or the Ministry have police act 1967 power to search our vehicles for pirated discs?

Section 24 of the Police Act allows any police officer to stop and search without warrant any vehicle which he has reasonable grounds for suspecting is being used in the commission police act 1967 any offence against any law in force.

The Ministry has also authority to enter and search a vehicle without warrant provided that he has reasonable grounds for believing that delay in obtaining a search warrant would lead to the destruction of evidence.


Under section 41 of the Copyright Actit is an offence to possess, other than for private and domestic use, any infringing goods.

Any person who has in his possession, custody or control three or more infringing copies of a work or recording in the police act 1967 form is presumed to be police act 1967 possession of such copies otherwise than for private or domestic use.

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