Animazione della celebre storiella di Pierino Porcospino. Find a Lorenza Zeta - Piero Sorano, Licia Kalafati - Pierino Porcospino first pressing or reissue. Complete your Lorenza Zeta - Piero Sorano. Erica, circa 3 anni, recita "Pierino Porcospino". Erica - Pierino Porcospino. Assunta Attadia.


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Heinrich Hoffmann

Background and publication history[ edit ] Struwwelpeter from First Edition Hoffmann wrote Struwwelpeter in reaction to the lack of good books for children.

Intending to buy a picture book as a Christmas present for his three-year-old son, Hoffmann instead wrote and pierino porcospino his own book.


The book was one pierino porcospino the first uses pierino porcospino chromolithography a method of making multi-colored prints in a children's book.

For the third edition, published inthe title was changed to Struwwelpeter, the name of the character in the first story. The book became popular among children throughout Europe, and, writes author and researcher Penni Cotton, the pictures and characters showed a great deal of originality and directness.

In Mark Twain wrote his own translation of the book, but because of copyright issues Twain's "Slovenly Peter" was not published until 25 years after his pierino porcospino in Stories[ edit ] Nikolas, as he is about to dunk pierino porcospino boys in his inkstand.

Illustration from a edition.

More stuff

Struwwelpeter describes a boy who does not groom himself properly and is consequently unpopular. Pierino porcospino he is bitten by a dog, who goes on to eat the boy's sausage while he is bedridden.


In Die gar traurige Geschichte mit dem Feuerzeug "the very sad story of the matches"a pierino porcospino plays with matches and burns to death. In Die Geschichte von den schwarzen Buben "the story of the black boys"Nikolas or "Agrippa" in some translations [6] catches three pierino porcospino teasing a dark-skinned boy.

To teach them a lesson, he dips them in black ink. Pierino porcospino it, a hare steals a hunter's musket and eyeglasses and begins to hunt the hunter.


In the ensuing chaos, the hare's child is burned by hot coffee pierino porcospino the pierino porcospino falls into a well. In Die Geschichte vom Daumenlutscher "the story of the thumb-sucker"a mother warns her son not to suck his thumbs.

Pierino Porcospino

However, when she goes out of the house he resumes his thumb sucking, until a roving tailor appears and cuts off his thumbs with giant scissors. Die Geschichte vom Suppen-Kaspar "the story of Soup-Kaspar" begins as Kaspar or "Augustus" in some translationsa healthy, strong pierino porcospino, proclaims that he will no longer eat his soup.

Over the next five days he wastes away and dies. In Die Geschichte vom Zappel-Philipp "the story of fidgety Philip"a boy who won't sit still at dinner accidentally knocks all of the food onto the floor, to his parents' great pierino porcospino.

Pierino-Porcospino - Gaetano Negri - Google книги

Die Geschichte von Hans Guck-in-die-Luft "the story pierino porcospino Johnny Look-at-Air" concerns a boy who habitually fails to watch where he's walking. One day he walks into a river; he is soon rescued, but his writing-book drifts away.

In Die Geschichte vom fliegenden Robert "the story of flying Robert"a boy goes outside during a storm. The wind catches his umbrella and lifts him high into the air. The story pierino porcospino with the boy sailing into the distance.

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