THE PHILIPPINES FLORA AND FAUNA  The Philippines is very lucky to enjoy a tropical climate. It is the reason why we can find varieties of plants and animals in our country. 4. FLORA  There are about 3, kinds of trees that are found in the country include lumber, tanguile, yakal, tindalo, and kamagong. The flora and fauna in Palawan is quite unique to the island and is more like Borneo and South-East Asia than with the Philippines. Environmental appreciation and awareness. | See more ideas about Plants, The philippines and Flora.


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A good percentage of these species are also endemic to the country and are never found anywhere else in the world.

New species of flora and fauna found in Philippines

The mammalian fauna of the Philippine Islands is now known to include species: Specialists from the California Academy of Sciences and the University of Philippines studied the Luzon island for 42 days and discovered the new species philippine flora and fauna reefs, tropical forests and within the deep sea.

The ancestors philippine flora and fauna the vast majority of the population were of Malay descent and came from the Southeast Asian mainland as well as from what is now Indonesia. Contemporary Filipino society consists of nearly culturally and linguistically distinct ethnic groups.


Other prominent groups include the Ilocano of northern Luzon and the Hiligaynon Ilongo of the Visayan islands of Panay and Negroscomprising roughly one-tenth of the population each. Filipino mestizos and the Kapampangans Pampango of south-central Luzon each make up small proportions of the population.

The aboriginal inhabitants of the islands were the Negritos, a term referring collectively to numerous peoples of dark skin and small stature, including the Aeta, Ita, Agta, and others.

philippine flora and fauna

Those communities now constitute only a philippine flora and fauna percentage of the total population. From the 10th century, contacts with China resulted in a group of mixed Filipino-Chinese descent, who also account for a minority of the population.

Small numbers of resident Chinese nationals, emigrants from the Indian subcontinent, U. Languages Estimates of the total number of native languages and dialects spoken in the Philippines differ, but scholarly studies suggest that there are some The major languages of the country generally correspond to the largest ethnic groups.


Tagalog is the most widespread language of the Central Philippine subfamily, with the bulk of its native speakers concentrated in Manilacentral and south-central Luzon, and the islands of Mindoro and Marinduque.

The national language of the Philippines, Pilipino also called Filipinois based on Tagalog and shares a place with English the lingua franca as an official language and medium of instruction. Tagalog including Pilipino has philippine flora and fauna most extensive written literature of all Philippine languages.

There are about breeding species of birdsamong the more numerous being the philippine flora and fauna turkey-like wildfowlbutton quailjungle fowlpeacock pheasantdovepigeonparrotand hornbill.

Flora and Fauna of the Philippines by Rachel Pastore on Prezi

Reptilian life is represented by species; there are crocodiles and the larger snakes include the python and several varieties of cobra. The fauna on Bohol philippine flora and fauna almost identical to that on MindanaoSamarand Leytebut not that on nearby Negros.

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