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AP _ CITT - Appeals - Decisions - PARTYLITE GIFTS LTD.

As an Independent PartyLite Partylite catalogue Adrian is trained and experienced in providing decorating and fragrance tips and hints. Adrian is based in Sydney, and has clients across Australia.

Our home environent is more than just somewhere to be, but should also be a place that we are comfortable and excited to be able to come back to each day. It should be welcoming to not only ourselves but to those that we choose to invite.

This ambience is of course created by the style with which you have decorated, by the lives of the occupants think kids and pets.

But don't neglect the critical influence that fragrance can have! I moved to SC and PartyLite wasn't around. For special holidays I would buy other brands for the scent of pumpkin, etc.

The candles burn badly. I like the way PartyLite candles burn all the way to the bottom. I found a person from Charleston who would come and give a party for me and I got my free candles.

The only change in all these partylite catalogue are the scents. They are not as strong, but they still burn great.

Mulberry being the nicest and strongest scent for me. I am concerned about some of the reviews I read about problems burning the candles and I have to believe that they are careless people who weren't given the knowledge partylite catalogue how long and how to take care of wicks, etc.

She partylite catalogue the ceiling brown again and I had to repaint it again.

PartyLite Christmas Catalogue | Vanilla & Lime

After a lot of arguing she finally stopped; however, the Partylite rep insists the brown ceiling is cause by "hard water and dust" and thinks I should have ducts cleaned. She can't believe in her head that the brown ceiling is cause by the candles she sells.

All candles that have fire produce smoke and their reps should not tell people that they don't. Sweeney acknowledged that both glass bowls and wine glasses could be used as candleholders, which was consistent with the description provided in a publication issued by the National Candle Association that was on the record.

He also testified that, at the time of importation, the goods in issue do not have any one specific use and that they could have any number of uses, including as partylite catalogue wine chillers or planters.

He also testified that they could be filled with partylite catalogue, sand or rocks. He acknowledged that he was intimately involved in the marketing initiatives for PartyLite Canada and has an understanding of how each product is marketed in Canada.

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Under cross-examination, he acknowledged that, to some extent, the marketing patterns that are used by PartyLite U. Sweeney also acknowledged that part of PartyLite Canada's business was the sale of accessories, normally partylite catalogue to as candles and accessories.

In terms of defining a "candle accessory", he confirmed that this term is defined in a document submitted by PartyLite Partylite catalogue as "[a]n object designed for use with a candle. Sweeney confirmed that, although it had no cup or spike, the Orbit was characterized as a "candle holder"; however, he also maintained that it had multiple uses.

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With respect to the Tabletop Seville, he agreed that it definitely consisted partylite catalogue some wrought iron, that it was not exclusively made of glass and that it could be used to house partylite catalogue burning candle, but that it did not have the "candle holder" designation in its title.

With respect to the Soliloquy, Mr.


Sweeney agreed that it, too, consisted of a glass component and a metal base and that it, too, could partylite catalogue used to house a candle. He again confirmed that, while none of the goods in issue have cups or spikes, they are all capable of holding partylite catalogue.

The Commissioner did not call any witnesses.

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