Catalogue+Produits+Helita+GB - C H A P TE R 1 PULSAR EARLY plates “terre paratonnerre” Case for equipotential connection Case for. Catalogue+Produits+Helita+GB - C H A P TE R 1 PULSAR EARLY plates “terre paratonnerre” Case for equipotential connection Case for. SOGELEC, the Engineering & Electrical Equipment Installer Contractor in Tunisia, is pleased to present you the latest ABB - HELITA Soulé Electrical Equipment.


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In the application to lightning, this discharge of the capacitor occurs in the form of an electrical discharge at its tip to ensure an intense emission of electrical charges an ionization of the air and the anticipation of the initiation of corona.

Preferably, in combination with means 12, 20 such as to promote the ionization of the air, such a peak 12, paratonnerre helita grounded creating around it a concentration of the atmospheric field, the means for the implementation of this method include figures 2 and 3 at least one member 1, 14 taken preferably atmospheric potential in the atmospheric field prevailing in the vicinity of said means 12, 20 such as to promote the ionization of the air.

Paratonnerre helita are characterized in that, connected to this body 1 taken potential, they comprise at least one circuit with: Upstream of the capacitor 4 is advantageously found a filter 6 select the voltages of the lower range U b.

Similarly, upstream of the detector 3 will be found a filter 2 selecting the voltages of paratonnerre helita upper U h range. In case the means comprise a plurality of capacitors, these are obviously mounted in parallel so as to add capacity. It is noted that the first of the original features of these methods of implementation of the paratonnerre helita lies in the fact that during a storm has a real autonomous power source constituted by capacity, real reservoir which is charged and discharged releasing all its energy just when there is a very paratonnerre helita risk, that is to say just before a "precursor" may complete the discharge circuit of lightning.


We know, moreover, that thunderstorms can, according to the respective polarity of the clouds and the ground, be positive or negative type.

It goes without saying that the means may consist of either paratonnerre helita single circuit or set of circuits mixed positive paratonnerre helita negative storms two or more circuits or combinations of circuits, for example calibrated differently so as to provide triggers in a row.

John kearney \ Ben charnota

In reality, it will be acceptable to both sets calibrated relative to each other with different time constants to paratonnerre helita maximum efficiency in case both exceptionally very close lightning strikes with respect to the other would come to appear in the same places.

On paratonnerre helita electronic card included, on the other hand, all necessary protections known to the art to ensure proper ongoing operation of each component. In the application to the lightning rod, the tip 20 concentrating the field and promote the ionization of the air in the potential taking area may of course be constituted by the tip 12 of the lightning conductor under reserves understood that it is connected To the earth.

In this case, the power supply circuit 5 is connected to at least one electrode 16 with the tip 12 carrying a generator of intense electrical discharges. In the case where the supply circuit 5 is directly connected to the tip 12 of the lightning conductor, the latter then being isolated from earth for voltages lower than that of the lightning, it is necessary that the tip 20 of the circuit is then constituted by a separate part of the tip 12 of the lightning conductor.

The cycle of loading and unloading capacity is automatically repetitive, it is understood that another feature of the means of the invention lies in the fact that it is possible to control the release of electrons in a time very short and with remarkable precision calibrated in the laboratory.

The components are static, it designs all the benefits of reliability, availability, security and maintenance. In the version with at least one electrode, lightning conductor will comprise as a whole, for example, a rod 11 finished paratonnerre helita tip 12 and grounded via a connection 13 and at least one tap potential 14 carefully isolated from the tip by insulators 15, of paratonnerre helita known type, chosen for their quality and their perfect dielectric strength over time to weather and paratonnerre helita agents ultraviolet rays.

France Helita Pulsar 45 parafoudre installation

At least one spark erosion electrode 16 is disposed near the tip 12 and fixed, as the potential taken 14 in isolation with respect paratonnerre helita the tip These electrodes 16 may, for this purpose, be disposed on an insulating support which present, besides the advantage of fixing the distance between the tip 12 and the electrodes 16 of perfectly constant.

The members 14 making potential and the electrodes paratonnerre helita are, through their insulation means, supported by a shroud 17 which is slipped over the tip 12 and containing the board 18 with the circuit board or wired and electronic components.

The shroud 17 is preferably metal, stainless perfectly paratonnerre helita possibly with a surface treatment such a nickel plating, to provide components maximum protection against induced currents due to the passage of lightning or capacitive effects. In the commercial version, the card 18 and the electronic components are embedded in a resin selected for its dielectric properties and excellent resistance to shock waves.

The resin will be, on the one hand, insensitive to atmospheric humidity parameters of the type for sealing operation of the assembly. She will also present the advantage of keeping all its qualities to the device in time good aging.

CA1245710A - Paratonnerre a decharge couronne impulsionnelle intermittente - Google Patents

In addition, their use in combination with a lightning rod, can advantageously use these means in material relating for paratonnerre helita to the safety of installations, including electrical, and following many forms. It is conceivable example of paratonnerre helita these means for feed materials which, in stormy weather, provide preventive load shedding major facilities.

In a preferred embodiment, Figures 4 and 5the voltage U c sensed at the output of the diode 32 e.

If exceeded, the detector 3 paratonnerre helita a signal to the control device 10 of the discharge of the capacitor 4. The control device 10 advantageously comprises an optical coupler 24 e.

One-piece point Patented interlocking system without sleeve pullout strength: All models have chamfered base. The conical point is machined neither heated nor stamped. Available in two versions, standard and extendable. Rods are designed to support manual and paratonnerre helita driving into the ground.

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