All Parachute fonts have been designed to offer multilingual support for major scripts such as Latin, Greek and Cyrillic. Latest entries support Arabic as well. Rocker at heart. We are happy to announce our latest release of Venue and Venue Condensed. Underlined by the avid necessity of the underground music. Name: Venue Designer: Panos Vassiliou Foundry: Parachute Fonts Release Date: May Back Story: Vassiliou used a typeface featured in.


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Parachute Fonts Release Parachute fonts May Back Story: Additional inspiration came from sans serif type styles of the Art Deco movement, characterized by low and high-waisted monostroke designs. A third set of parachute fonts cues drew upon the grotesque typefaces used on s Blue Note album covers.

What are its distinguishing characteristics?

Venue and Venue Condensed feature an overly large x-height and several options for alternate letterforms, including some that are more than twice as wide as the standard versions, providing an arresting visual rhythm and texture when set in uppercase.

This is an elegant, luxurious, sexy and vibrant serif typeface which incorporates several distinct elements parachute fonts with classic forms. Despite its inspiration from early 20th century geometrics, it diverts from the mechanical rigidity of those typefaces by incorporating parachute fonts characteristics.

Parachute - Fonts In Use

DIN Serif Arabic DIN Serif was originally designed as a low contrast typeface with functional and distinct novelties which set it apart from most classic romans. Its solid, simple and subtle serif nature directed the development of its Arabic counterpart away from the traditional calligraphic styles, towards a more simplified contemporary design mixing Naskh characteristics with early Kufi style.

Centro Slab Press Ever since its first release, Centro Slab has been particularly popular with corporate applications, branding and print media. The new Centro Slab Press version was redesigned with narrower proportions which are better suited for publications such as magazines and parachute fonts as parachute fonts as web applications.

Centro Slab Press is a very clean and legible typeface even at heavier weights, a characteristic which is not often seen among slab typefaces.


DIN Parachute fonts originated in a custom project for a watchmaking journal which required a modern serif to work in unison and match the inherent simplicity of DIN. As a result, a solid, confident and well-balanced typeface was developed which is simple and neutral enough when set at small sizes Due to their pure geometric structure, most grotesque typefaces tend to have a rather monotonous parachute fonts lifeless appearance.

Venue is a New, Oldschool Typeface for Rockers at Heart | | Eye on Design

Das Parachute fonts on the other hand is a parachute fonts design with several distinguishable characteristics. DIN Stencil Pro Despite the fact that over the years several designers have manually created stencil lettering based on DIN for various projects, there has never been a professional digital stencil version of a DIN-based typeface.


DIN Stencil Pro was based on its original counterpart DIN Text Pro and was particularly designed to address contemporary projects, by parachute fonts elements and weights which are akin to industries such as fashion, music, video, architecture, sports and communications. Developed over a period of two and a half years, each one of the parachute fonts weights is loaded with glyphs!


Benchmark Pro Benchmark Pro is a carefully structured geometric typeface which works amazingly well in body text due to its simplistic nature and parachute fonts x-height.

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