It's a book within a book. Para Kay B is not just a normal love story. The author is a creative genius in coming up with a story like this. The book Para kay B by Mr. Ricky Lee consists of five different stories from five different characters. It tackled the different kinds of love; there's. Para Kay B [Ricky Lee] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Filipino Fiction Novel Alam mo ba ang ibig-sabihin ng CONJURE? Isa ka bang.


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They are layered and compelling.

In Focus: Book review: "Para kay B" by Ricky Lee - National Commission for Culture and the Arts

It veered away from the norms and tradition. How it was delivered is totally enjoyable. The book is easy to understand and lows smoothly.


The book para kay b ricky lee two endings, an open ended ending and an ending added by the author where the author presented concepts and ideas which somewhat added more layer to the book.

In there, he concluded all the stories that was left hanging. The ending satisfied me as what I expected from a master storyteller. The book also touches social topics like Philippine political problems, poverty and gender inequality.

It also has a bit of lesson about the power or writing.

In Focus: Book review: “Para kay B” by Ricky Lee

It was mind-boggling in a way that it leaves the readers a decision whether to believe the writers theory about love. After realizing and reflecting, all the ideas, emotions, feelings would be felt and the missing puzzle piece would be complete.

It served as a reflection of our culture, societal para kay b ricky lee, politics, and country. The writer was also able to use taglish language which depicts a more colloquial, Pinoy feel in the story. The novel was intricately written and remarkable.


It is classical in its emotional texture and unmistakably modern in various aspects. It is satirical, painful, weird, and a mixture of emotions. It was written with modern and realistic tones.

It diverges more into the musings of being a writer and how powerful they are. Each chapter has its own situation.

​Para kay B (Book Review)

Some of the situations are rarely seen in a normal context in the society. The first chapter tells the story of Irene. Irene, a girl with a unique photographic memory, falls in love with Jordan.


But as they say, promises are meant para kay b ricky lee be broken. Nag-iba ang mga kwento ng buhay nila at dumating ang pagkakataong natutunan ni Erica na ipakita ang nararamdaman niya kay Jake, bagamat hindi siya sigurado kung pag-ibig nga ang nararamdaman niya.

Ang sumunod ay kay Sandra. Ang karakter naman niya dito ay isang babaeng may buong pamilya ngunit may nakatagong masalimuot na nakaraan.

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Nagmahal siya ng isang maling tao. Minahal at nakipagsiping siya sa kanyang kapatid na lalake. Nabuhay siya sa isang bawal na pag-ibig at ito rin ang naging dahilan para ipagtabuyan ang kanyang kuya ng kanyang pamilya.

Nagbunga ang kanilang relasyon ngunit may abnormalidad ang bata. Ngunit sa paglipas ng panahon, nakahanap din siya para kay b ricky lee taong magmamahal sa kanya at nakabuo din siya ng isang pamilya.

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