Cheiro presents information of how by a mere glance at a hand, a quick grasp of the leading characteristics of that person is revealed. Everyone knows that "the. Palmistry for All [Cheiro] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Cheiro also known as William John Warner, an Irish Astrologer and renowned. Book from Project Gutenberg: Palmistry for All Library of Congress Classification: BF.


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I endeavoured to study every phase of thought that can throw light on human life; consequently the very ridges of the skin, the hair found on the hands, all were used as a detective would use a clue to accumulate evidence.

I found people were sceptical of palmistry for all cheiro a study only because they had not the subject presented to them in a logical manner.


There are hundreds of facts connected with the hand that people have rarely, if ever, heard of, and I [Pg 2] think it will not be out of place if I touch on them here. For instance, in palmistry for all cheiro to what are known as the corpuscles, Meissner, inproved that these little molecular substances were distributed in a peculiar manner in the hand itself.

Experiments were made as to these vibrations, and it was proved that, after a little study, one could distinctly detect and recognise the crepitations in relation to each palmistry for all cheiro.

They increased or decreased in every phase of health, thought, or excitement, and were extinct the moment death had mastered its victim. About twenty years later, experiments were made with a man in Paris, who had an abnormally acute sense of sound Nature's compensation for want of sight, as he had been born blind.

In a very short time this man could detect the slightest change or irregularity in these crepitations, and through the changes was able to tell with wonderful accuracy about how old a person was, and how near they were to illness, and palmistry for all cheiro death. The palmistry for all cheiro of these corpuscles was also taken up by Sir Charles Bell, who, indemonstrated that each corpuscle contained the end of a nerve fibre, and was in immediate connection with the brain.


palmistry for all cheiro This great specialist also demonstrated that every portion of the brain was palmistry for all cheiro touch with the nerves of the hand and more particularly with the corpuscles found in the tips of the fingers and the lines of the hand.

The detection of criminals by taking impressions [Pg 3] of the tips of the fingers and by thumb marks is now used by the police of almost every palmistry for all cheiro, and thousands of criminals have been tracked down and identified by this means.

To-day, at Scotland Yard, is to be seen almost an entire library now devoted to books on this side of the subject and to the collections that the police have made, and yet, in my short time, I remember how the idea was scoffed at when Monsieur Bertillon and the French police first commenced the detection of criminals by this method.

Palmistry for All by Cheiro

If the ignorant prejudice against a complete study of the hand were overcome, the police would be greatly assisted by studying the lines of the palm, and acquiring a knowledge of what these lines mean, especially as regards mentality and the inclination of the brain in one direction or another.

It is a well-known fact that, even if the skin be burned off the hands or removed by an acid, in palmistry for all cheiro short time the lines palmistry for all cheiro reappear exactly as they were before, and the same happens to the ridges or "spirals" in the skin of the inside tips of the fingers and thumb.

The scientific use of such a study could also be made invaluable in foreseeing tendencies towards insanity, etc.

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Yet it cannot be denied that this strange study was practised and followed by some of the greatest teachers and students of other civilisations. Whether or no these ancient philosophers were more enlightened than we are has palmistry for all cheiro been a question of dispute, but the one point and the most important one which has been admitted is, that in those days the greatest study of mankind was man.


It is, therefore, reasonable to suppose that their conclusions are more likely to be correct than those of an age like our own—famous chiefly for its implements of destruction, its warships, its dynamite, and its cannon. This study of hands can be traced back to the very earliest, most enlightened forms of civilisation.

It has been practised by the greatest palmistry for all cheiro in all those civilisations, minds that have left their mental philosophies and their monuments for us to marvel at.

Palmistry for All

India, China, Persia, Egypt, Rome—all in their study of mankind have placed the greatest store in their study of the hand. During my stay in India, I was permitted by some Brahmans descendants of the Joshi Caste, famous from time immemorial for their knowledge in occult subjects with whom it was my good fortune to become intimately acquainted, to examine palmistry for all cheiro make extracts from an extraordinary book on this subject which they regarded as almost sacred, and which belonged to the great palmistry for all cheiro of the now despised Hindustan.

As the wisdom of the Hindus spread far and wide across the earth, so the theories and ideas about this [Pg 5] study spread and were practised in other countries.

Similar to the way in which religion suits itself to the conditions of the country in which it is propagated, so has it divided itself into various systems. It is, palmistry for all cheiro, to the days of the Greek civilisation that we owe the present clear and lucid form of the study.

It is a well-known and undisputed fact that the philosopher Anaxagoras not only taught but practised this study. We also find that Hispanus discovered on an altar dedicated to Hermes a book on Cheiromancy, written in gold letters, which he sent as a present to Alexander the Great, as "a study worthy of the palmistry for all cheiro of an elevated and enquiring mind.

This brings us down to the period when the power of the Church was beginning to be felt outside the domain and jurisdiction of religion.

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