Ubaji Isiaka Abubakar Eazy writes that Ola Rotimi’s play, Ovonramwen Nogbaisi, depicts the fall of a great Benin king, and the disrespect shown by British colonialists for African cultural norms and traditions. Nonetheless, it is a great inciting action for Ola Rotimi’s. King Ovonramwen is in Calabar, Southeastern Nigeria where he is on exile, he is ill in hospital. An audience with his Majesty Oba Ovonramwem Nogbaisi. Ovonramwen Nogbaisi (ruled – ), also called Overami, was the Ọba (king) of the Kingdom of Benin up until the British punitive expedition of Reign‎: ‎ –


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Your reign is full of danger; I see bodies of men burning ovonramwen nogbaisi an ocean of blood.


Assuming that the warning has to do with Benin, Ovonramwen orders the killing of some rebellious chiefs he perceives as attempting to usurp him. After the invasion and his eventual surrender to British who do their best to demystify him by conducting his so-called trial openly, ovonramwen nogbaisi is exiled to Calabar.

Fittingly, what some of the ovonramwen nogbaisi lack in terms of acting skills, they made up for with their efforts.

D by erayo2GCA m: During his coronation he took the name Oba ovonramwen Ovonramwen nogbaisi in He was tall, stout and light in complexion with his majestic voice. After his installation to the throne, he had some chiefs [Eribo, Obazele, Osia, Obaraye ovonramwen nogbaisi others] who opposed his ascension killed.

And when the Oba learnt of this in earlyhe then sent Okpele to take the swords from Deji.


This is the genesis of the difficulties experienced by Ovonramwen nogbaisi. Gallwey while trying to have audience with the Oba in ovonramwen nogbaisi At the palace, the disposition and mannerisms of the visitors had to be carefully studied before the Oba could receive them, since they were in military uniform.

Ovonramwen Nogbaisi: Atlantic Hall students again celebrate Ola Rotimi

Gallwey said the Oba was? He had made up his mind before the visit and was looking for excuses to set up Benin ovonramwen nogbaisi for British invasion.


To emphasize that Ovonramwen nogbaisi was a special case to crack, the British rushed to force treaties on neighbouring territories.

They attacked the Nana of Itsekiri, in their palm oil war in and exiled Nana to Ghana; attacked ovonramwen nogbaisi Koko of Nembe inand the Ashanti Prempeh of Ashanti into produce duress inspired spurious treaties to take control of the kings respective areas of influence.

The British accused Oba Ovonramwen of lack of cooperation, and to look good in the eyes of ovonramwen nogbaisi rest of the world, added? The real reason for the British Expedition was that the British viewed the Benin kingdom as the main obstacle in their expansion drive into the agricultural interior of the West African coast from the River Niger.

The war lasted for eight days from January to early Februaryand went in their favour because of their big guns and cannons, which the Edo army did not have.

Ola Rotimi's Ovonramwen Nogbaisi: When history becomes drama - Memorila

Ovonramwen nogbaisi capturing the ancient city of Benin and slaughtering thousands of the natives in cold blood, to grossly depopulate the city, and the few survivors had escaped to farms and villages, the British ransacked the palace of the Oba, homes of nobles and chiefs, artistes workshops, and shrines, to rescue?

Then the British burnt the entire city down ovonramwen nogbaisi the last house.

Akin Adeoya ovonramwen nogbaisi the Sunday Guardian of March 29,wrote: Aside Kurunmi, another historical drama by Ola Rotimi, this play is for me the best from the playwright. Ovonramwen nogbaisi ability to rework history and breathe life into it on stage leaves me with nothing but admiration.

The still defiant chiefs prophesize the conquest of the kingdom and the coming of the white man who would effect it. Against pleas by both the chiefs and the palace jester, Ovonramwen insists that his decision would not be rescinded.

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