Open Field test is a popular protocol used to assess exploratory behavior and as large Open Field; Separator included to divide into 4 individual mouse/rat. Supplemental data-protocol for behavioral tests. Locomotor activity in the open field. Locomotor activity was evaluated by placing a mouse into the center of a. The open field test is a widely used model of anxiety-like behavior . Mice are placed in the center of an open field for a predefined period of time (e.g., 15 min).


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Rodents for example, show distinct aversions to large, brightly lit, open and unknown environments4.


We can assume they have been phylogenetically conditioned to see these types of environments as open field test mice. All of these features are incorporated in the open field maze and form the basis of its use in behavioral paradigm testing.

An open field maze consists of a wall-enclosed area that is of sufficient height to open field test mice the subject from escaping. Typical maze shapes are circular or square with an area large enough, based on the size of the subject tested, to elicit a feeling of openness in the center of the maze.

Open Field Test

open field test mice A number of variables can be scored in the open field maze with most parameters involving differing types of motor activity2. Ambulation is the most common behavior studied but others such as latency or rearing can also be measured.

Most often, rodent behavior is analyzed in a bare maze. However, the addition of objects, either one or many to the maze floor, open field test mice the ability to see how the subject interacts with novel additional stimuli2.

Relevant parameters when objects are presented are typically the number of approaches to an object or in some cases, preference or aversion for one object over another.


Interpreting behavioral tests for emotionality while separating non-emotional confounding factors, such as motor activity, has been the subject of intense debate6,7. As the OFM was originally described, two measures of emotionality can be deduced, open field test mice activity and fecal boli deposits or defecation1.

However, these two measures have been shown in some studies to open field test mice unrelated supporting the conclusion that emotionality in rodents is multidimensional5. Regardless, discrepancies in the literature regarding these measures and emotionality or anxiety in mouse models may be attributed to differences in analysis criteria or differences in testing procedures.

Use of the Open Field Maze to Measure Locomotor and Anxiety-like Behavior in Mice

Studies have conclusively linked results from OFM analysis with other measures of anxiety when comparing mouse models8. Mice used in the behavioral testing paradigm were naive and not used for other tests.

  • Locomotion Activity Measurement in an Open Field for Mice
  • Open Field
  • Open field (animal test)
  • Introduction

Each chamber measured 50 cm length x 50 cm width x 38 cm height and was made from white high density and non-porous plastic. Texture the floors of the maze for traction during ambulation while maze walls were smooth. Maze quadrants were completely empty for the purpose of this test.

In consideration of the rest of this protocol, a single quadrant of the maze described above will be utilized to demonstrate open field test mice OFM. Open field test mice the ethanol to evaporate completely prior to testing mice.

This may take min between each testing session.

Open field (animal test) - Wikipedia

Any commercial video tracking camera and software may be used to track the test subject and evaluate results from the open field maze.

It is very important for the end user to open field test mice how to calibrate and run the software used for each individual analysis. Perform the testing in a standard lit room capable of containing the maze apparatus and the computer required to run the software.


Suspend the video camera above the maze either by attaching it to open field test mice ceiling or by using any elevated support system which allows the camera lens to see the entire maze area Figure 2.

As the human administrator of the test, be sure to have enough space in the room to be completely unobservable by the test subjects in the maze so as not to influence behavior of the mice.

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open field test mice The software will take a picture of the scenario without the test subject which will be subtracted from the image taken during the tracking process.

This results in only the movement of the subject being analyzed by the software. A solid white field will be shown if the background image is completely removed from the tracking image.

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