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Das von dir genannte Beispiel habe ich entsprechend korrigiert.

Werde die Boxen entsprechend verschieben, sobald ich wieder welche finde. LG und danke fuer die schnelle Antwort!


LG, Poc o2 Dann habe ich ein neues, frisches Logfile. Das alte war bereits so gross, dass es den Texteditor zerlegt hat. I think you should try to begin the work nr 08 comentada a user subpage, do your nr 08 comentada with the translation and then try to ask for help in the USA Wikiproject or to users in the USA users category.

For concrete problems, you may also ask in our English Workshop. I think it won't be a problem to write in English in all those pages.


Please regard this side. The english-speaking Wikipedia is planing a WP-Blackout for the Please communicate this in your Chapter.

See the "Naming" section in the English version for the correct info. The page "Wehrwolf" should be moved to "Werwolf".

'Tikuna', o caçador de porta-aviões - Poder Naval - A informação naval comentada e discutida

Our apologies for the late reply. For its part, the provincial State asks nr 08 comentada the complaint be rejected, citing the fact that the community only acquired legal personality juridical inand therefore could not have complied with the twenty-year time period necessary for the application of adverse possession.


The court finds that the recognition of the legal personality is merely an act that formalizes a pre-existing community: The granting of legal personality is merely declarative, and not constitutive of the legal personality of the community.

The Court states that, after the constitutional reforms of ; the constitutional norm is designed to allow for the granting of legal personality to operationalize an existing right, that is to say the right is not established with the grant, but the grant signals that the right nr 08 comentada preexisting nr 08 comentada merely makes it effective, guaranteeing, amongst other rights, the right of collective property ownership.

What is interesting is that a civil and commercial court, accustomed to deciding cases of individual and corporate ownership, has to directly apply nr 08 comentada norms as well as Convention to adjust the institutions of private law to a notion of collective ownership that pre-exists its legal recognition i.

To do this, the court must interpret the twenty-year requirement for adverse possession — established in the Civil Code — in accordance with constitutional and international norms when it is applied to the indigenous community.

Engine Nr Dorman - PDF Free Download

As such, the court states that: Therefore, the court tested the pacific and uninterrupted possession by the community, accepted its demand, and granted collective title to the parcel nr 08 comentada land claimed. These measures include, for example, those involving the exploitation of natural resources found in their territory, the provision nr 08 comentada educational services in indigenous communities, and the design of development plans for indigenous peoples and communities.


It is a procedural requirement that must be complied with before a decision is made, and a lack of compliance renders invalid decisions made without consultation.

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