Additional educational titles from Nova Press (available at ): GRE Prep Course ( pages, includes software) GMAT Prep. Encuentra GRE Math Bible de Jeff J. Kolby, Derrick Vaughn, Kunda Tapa blanda: páginas; Editor: Nova Pr (1 de octubre de ); Idioma: Inglés. GRE Math Bible has 6 ratings and 0 reviews. Comprehensive Prep Published October 1st by Nova Press (first published August 1st ). More Details.


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So I decided to write this post nova gre math bible although I do not think there is one single book that nova gre math bible you well for the GRE, however a combination of books can be used to ensure that you do decently on the GRE exam.

Unfortunately I am yet to see one single book that is all encompassing and that outshines the rest, but every book has its own strengths when it comes to teaching GRE concepts.


I would like to state a fact that all books except the GRE official guides are only good enough to teach the concepts but nearly all of them lack good quality GRE level questions; those can only be found in the official guides. Each book is dedicated to a certain topic of the GRE and at the end of each book there are three sets of practice questions broken down by the order of difficulty — easy, medium, and hard.

This is a great book to learn GRE concepts and techniques, and apply them to some really good questions. Explanations of concepts and questions is extremely clear — regardless you must go through all of these 8 guides in depth and spend as much time as you can in understanding everything.

The only drawback nova gre math bible that the 6 Math guides teach you very well but they do not contain many hard questions that will help you get a top quant score — for an average student with little Mathematics background, going through nova gre math bible books would get them a score between and on the GRE.

Nova GRE Math Bible or GRE Prep?

Another weakness of the Manhattan guides are prevalent in its 2 verbal guides where the questions on nova gre math bible text completions and sentence equivalence rely a lot on hard vocabulary rather than the difficult structure which the GRE actually tests.

However, the verbal books are good in terms of giving you sound techniques and reasonable reading practice nova gre math bible techniques. I would say the verbal books would get an average student something in the range of to on the verbal section.

You must thoroughly go through all 8 guides and Manhattan books should be the starting point of your GRE prep if you are an average Math and Verbal person.

GRE Math Bible

Moreover the old official guide includes two full-length GRE paper-based tests, along with hundreds of other real questions. The new official guides two of them, one for math and the other one for verbal contain tons nova gre math bible new high quality questions.

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The new guides not only contain a lot of new questions but they also give 3 practice tests 1 section nova gre math bible at the end. Do these for practice at the end of your GRE prep. However the book is definitely worth extra practice but you should not use it as the foundation of your prep.

The book contains lots of GRE reading passages and sentence completions along with ample quant practice; but only use it if you have extra time on hands.

How do you rate NOVA GMAT Math Bible? : General GMAT Questions and Strategies

Skip the antonyms and analogies sections of this book, as they are no longer part of the current GRE exam. The Math practice questions are also easier so you should not bother doing the math unless you are a little weak on Math.

Great preparation book for the reading passages and sentence completions. Nova gre math bible it is exceptionally good on the quant section especially probability, statistics, inequalities and word problems but lacks on the verbal section a lot of focus on vocabulary on the text completions nova gre math bible sentence equivalence just like the 2 verbal guides I discussed above.

Nevertheless you should use it to practice after you are done with learning all the tricks and concepts from the 8 guides.

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Make sure you do all the quant questions from this book and the reading comprehensions on the verbal section. All of these are pretty solid.

There are other fun exercises such as matching words, weekly quizzes and fill-in-the-sentence exercises to nova gre math bible you reinforce your vocabulary. Manhattan offers simple but very frequently seen words on the actual GRE.

GRE Math Bible by Jeff Kolby and Derrick Vaughn (2008, Paperback)

These three sources have many words that are common so essentially you will be learning around new words if you do all of these together. These 3 are excellent vocabulary tools for self-study and used are much more effective than any other vocabulary list.

The Math on the power prep is a lot easier than that being nova gre math bible nowadays.

Therefore if you do well on the power prep Math, do not think it is indicative of your actual performance. The verbal sections on the other hand are almost the same level as that of the actual GRE. The 6 Manhattan tests nova gre math bible the best in terms of the difficulty level of the Math and better than power prep on the quant section.

Best and Worst GRE Books to Prepare From in 2015

The verbal sections are not that representative of the actual GRE; Manhattan focuses too much on vocabulary that is not tested on the GRE rather than testing complex structure nova gre math bible passages. Nevertheless overall they are far better than any other unofficial practice tests.

But it definitely contains quality questions although Math is easier and verbal passages little too hard than the actual GRE.

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