This Nikon D90 guide explains the features, functions, pros and cons of this Nikon at the beginning of this guide that there really is nothing that the Nikon D This will make you to an expert on using the Nikon D90, but this alone won't get Right out of the box at default settings the D90 does a great job, but you need . Learn these, and you'll never have to waste your day screwing with raw files. Nikon D90 For Dummies Cheat Sheet - For Dummies. Discover ideas about Nikon D Get to know the external controls Nikon D90 | NIKON-TUTORIALS.


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Nikon D90 Guide

Something that often gets overlooked in all the technical analysis that surrounds a new digital SLR is the ergonomics: The Nikon D90 includes a little extra feature nikon d90 tutorial for beginners the grip - I'll do what I can to describe it verbally, but if you're considering this camera it will really pay off to go hold one yourself.

Most digital SLR camera grips have a smooth surface on the front of the grip where your fingers wrap around the camera. The D90 has a slight depression that sits right underneath the tips of your fingers: The advantage of the secure grip is that you don't have to hold onto it for dear life — a relaxed grip prevents wrist and finger strain during a long photo nikon d90 tutorial for beginners.

In addition to the nice grip, the D90 is a very well-balanced camera and I found it quite easy to hold in one hand - a useful practice when using the live view mode.

How to Operate the Nikon D90 digital camera « Digital Cameras :: WonderHowTo

Controls and Operation One thing's for sure - the Nikon D90 is really not for beginners. Sure - there's certainly nothing stopping you from picking up this camera if you're a digital SLR newbie, but the sheer number of buttons and custom controls can be daunting.

The top of the camera features the main mode control dial where you can select from a variety of AUTO modes landcape, portrait, macro, nikon d90 tutorial for beginners, etc. The D90 also includes a nice feature for those who like to make exposures in manual mode: In addition, 16 buttons packed on the top, rear and side of the camera allow you to quickly change any one of the following settings by pressing the button and often spinning one of the control dials at the same time: Narrow lens apertures result in great depth of field the area of the image that appears in focus while wide apertures result in shallow nikon d90 tutorial for beginners of field.

Nikon D90 Guide

Bracketing The bracketing features allows you to take three sequential images where the camera automatically adjusts the settings so nikon d90 tutorial for beginners images are over exposed, under exposed and exposed right in the middle.

Flash Manually pops up the camera's built-in flash unit when one of the manual modes is selected in auto modes, the camera pops up the flash automatically when it detects that the light is low.


Lets you delete images during playback that aren't representative of your best work. SLR purists were holding on to the fact that SLRs could not capture video as a clear indication of their photographic superiority over their compact cousins.

If you wanted to capture low-quality video for YouTube, you could easily nikon d90 tutorial for beginners that with any compact camera.

How to Operate the Nikon D90 digital camera « Digital Cameras :: WonderHowTo

But today, the boundary between moving images and still pictures is becoming blurry — even professional photographers in the media are being asked more and more to blend videography with photography. As more professional photographers make the leap from stills to video, they're going to need one tool that does it all, much like modern day cell phones which act as phones, cameras, calendars and e-mail programs.

So while the existence of the video mode in the D90 is not all nikon d90 tutorial for beginners surprising, it's just a bit of a shock to have it arrive so soon.

It's also a bit of a shock to transition from stills to video when you're so deeply rooted as I am in the techniques and composition that make a good still image and I'll be the first to admit that many of the videos I captured for this Nikon D90 guide are - well - pretty boring.

It became clear to me quite early on that using the video mode on this camera takes plenty of time and patience to master. If I had three months to work with it nikon d90 tutorial for beginners with a significantly better nikon d90 tutorial for beginners of what makes a good video then I'm sure that my videos would have been much more compelling.

But enough movie mode philosophy, let's talk about what you can do with the D There are three main movie quality settings:

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