This article will be employed Elliott and Percy's structural framework of brand equity synthesis to investigate in four dimensions of Nike brand. So let's look at how the apparel and footwear mega-brand Nike built it brand equity to become what some regard as “the best sports brand. Nike brand equity. 1. NIKE BRAND EQUITY; 2. NIKE BRAND EQUITY PYRAMID ◼ the commercial value that derives from consumer.


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Nike Brand equity Essay

If the brand is part of a company's brand portfolio, what role does it play in that portfolio? This nike brand equity is one of the most recognized brands in the world. It symbolizes performance, strength and power and has strong ties associated with successful athletes and key sports.


Although Nike sells female merchandise, the brand feels distinctly male. A competitor, a winner. The logo brand nike brand equity is proudly displayed on products whether shoes, shirts or bags, being most prominent on shoes.

Brand Finance

Nike has nike brand equity equity with all customer segments. Much of the equity is driven through associations, partnerships and spokespersons. They are also able to profit from beneficial trade and tariff agreements, wherever they exist. Bigelow Political Factors — Such as capitalism and democracy of the state influence their organization.

But since they have been exposed, Nike brand equity has been trying to fix this horrible problem they created. Recently, Nike has been making an attempt to help the environment.

Brand Equity and The Nike Brand

They have done many things like building an environmentally safe factory in Europe and used nike brand equity own sustainable manufacturing system. They have also taken into considerations of the regulations and legislation for future likely developments.


The nike brand equity and interdependency activities of the environment affected the Nike organizations. Their business affects the economic, technology, political and social factors STEP which these four factors affect their businesses as well.

These can only be done with a more selective distribution system that maintains margin. Carr 10 Brand awarenessBuyers in the athletic footwear industry enjoy a great deal of power.

Nike Brand equity Essay Example for Free

Nike brand equity, consumers are able to make informed decisions about a purchase through utilization of Internet websites. Manufacturers must also make sure that retailers are selling the product in accordance with the desired image of the shoe.

Nike has recently experienced a disagreement with their largest retailer Foot Locker due to pricing disagreements.

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Mokhiber, Weissman,9 Brand associationWhilst looking at the different trends and styles of present day athletic footwear, we can further our research within the product and look at the different customer groups that our three companies nike brand equity their attention towards.

We are primarily looking at the three different companies and the nike brand equity of style that may apply to a specific customer group for this product. Footwear is classified within many different categories, which makes the research of specific athletic footwear more difficult.

For example, we are focusing on the companies of Nike, Adidas, and Reebok, and all of these companies make numerous styles of shoe lines.


They range from golf cleats to soccer cleats to cross-country shoes.

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