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If a venture or a project is started at good muhurtha, then it will become a great success. If a work is undertaken during bad muhurta, then it will become a failure. Hence setting auspicious muhurta is very important in vedic muhurtha darpana.


Taara bala, Chandra bala, Muhurtha darpana rahitha, Panchanga Suddhi are needed for good muhurta or auspicious moment. This part of the astrology is called electional astrology.

We live our lives moment by moment. This birth chart indicates whether the individual becomes successful or not in his life depending upon the type of planetary energies at that moment. In the same way, when we start a new venture or business, we can construct a chart for that moment.

This chart represents whether that new venture or business will be successful muhurtha darpana not. Importance of Muhurtha If the Muhurtha chart shows good planetary energies, then that venture becomes a successful one.

So it is better to select an auspicious moment good Muhurtha for starting any venture so that the chances of success muhurtha darpana increase.

This applies to muhurtha darpana important events in life. For example, if a person gets married in a good Muhurtha, then his married life will be good.

Some Astrologers are of the muhurtha darpana that a beggar can become a king by starting his works in good Muhurthas. It happens only if the beggar has the planetary position to become a king in his birth chart. By following good Muhurtha, the beggar can become a king in less time and muhurtha darpana less effort.

Muhurthas or electional astrology in Indian Vedic Astrology - setting muhurthas

This is how Muhurtha muhurtha darpana. Let us take another example. But if a good Muhurtha is set for muhurtha darpana marriage and nuptials, then the chances of getting children will increase and he may be blessed with children.


To understand this topic, you muhurtha darpana have knowledge regarding Panchanga elements like sign rasilunar day thithistar nakshatrayoga and karana. To know about them, click here. General rules for setting a good Muhurtha Setting a favorable star Taara bala: Count from the birth star of muhurtha darpana person to the star where Moon is located at the time of the Muhurtha and divide the number by 9, if divisible.

Muhurtha Marthanda-sans.pdf

The remainder represents the following: From the above list, the favorable numbers are 2, 4, 6, 8 and 9. The person wants to join the new job muhurtha darpana a day when the star is Visakha.

Counting from Bharani to Visakha, we get the number

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