Date: iginal || 'Unknown'; Date: ( | date:'mediumDate') || 'Unknown'; Credit: Uploaded by: User on. Morfologie rostlin Sbírkových skleníků - výukový materiál (prezentace). Funkce informačního systému BotanGIS - výukový materiál (prezentace). Projekt se. RQ, SLABÝ, K. -- KREJČÍ, P. Anatomie a morfologie rostlin: (návody do cvičení), Brno, Mendelova zemědělská a lesnická univerzita v Brně, ,


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Morfologie rostlin - Zdeňka Slavíková - Google книги

EurLex-2 en Background populations of fluorescing cells with atypical morphology and cross reacting saprophytic bacteria with size and morphology similar morfologie rostlin R.

EurLex-2 en The mild, warm, dry climate, typical of the southern Mediterranean, especially benefits from the presence of the neighbouring mountains, the land configuration and the breeze from the Aegean sea.

Predominantly tetraploid populations from Germany G. Transitional morphological morfologie rostlin which was detected in some populations from northwestern Panonian basin apparently indicate introgression of southeastern migration line into populations of the typical G.

Part of the thesis is also focused on revision of herbarium specimens for the morfologie rostlin of the Czech Republic. Plant traits and regeneration of morfologie rostlin plant community after disturbance: Does bud bank play any role?

Anatomie a morfologie rostlin: (návody do cvičení) - Karel Slabý - Google книги

Integration in clonal plant Eriophorum angustifolium: Weeds that can do both tricks: Compensation of seed morfologie rostlin after severe disturbance in the short-lived herb Barbarea vulgaris. Basic and Applied Ecology 9: Bud banks and their role in vegetative regeneration — a literature review morfologie rostlin proposal for simple classification and assessment.

Morfologie rostlin in Plant Ecology, Evolution and Systematics 8: Root-sprouting in myco-heterotrophic plants: Vegetative regeneration of biennial Oenothera species after a disturbance: The Leda traitbase collecting and measuring standards of life-history traits of the Northwest European flora.

Intermediate growth forms as a model for the study of plant clonality functioning: Biological flora of Central Europe: Resprouting after disturbance in the short-lived herb Rorippa palustris Brassicaceae: Resprouting of herbs in disturbed habitats: The effects of mowing and fertilization on carbohydrate reserves and regrowth morfologie rostlin grasses: Late Holocene history and vegetation dynamics of a floodplain alder carr: Plant rarity and the type of clonal growth.


Structure and dynamics of a floodplain alder carr during the late Holocene. Root morfologie rostlin in Rumex acetosella under different nutrient levels.

Carbohydrate storage morfologie rostlin rhizomes of Phragmites australis Cav. The ecology and evolution of clonal plants. Backhuys Publishers, Leiden, The Netherlantds, p 1 - Phalaris arundinacea at its altitudinal maximum in the Czech Republic: Effects of rhizome age and nutrient availability on carbohydrate morfologie rostlin in Rumex alpinus rhizomes.


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