Modern Ideas in Chess is a compilation of 45 essays on the evolution of chess understanding from the mids until the s. After almost. From that perspective, Richard Reti's book Modern Ideas in Chess comes across ironically. Nothing like "cutting edge" ideas that are Richard Reti, Modern Ideas in Chess. enkdoo. May 28, #1. Hi,. as a spare time project I transcribed the book and put it online. I think it is an awesome book  Greatest Chess Master in History - Chess Forums -


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One of his most beautiful and best known combinations is the following: If we ask ourselves what there is in this particular combination or, for a matter of that, in any combination, that compels our admiration, the reply will be that in the game just quoted it is the quiet inconspicuous introductory move 1.

Rad1 which just by modern ideas in chess for its inconspicuousness operates with such great charm.

Review: Modern Ideas in Chess | ChessVibes

Modern ideas in chess strong and more strikingly attacking move could have been made without any regard as to what was to follow. But it modern ideas in chess the choice by Anderssen of the less obvious move, whose meaning only becomes clear later on, that focus us to the appreciation of the deep working of his brain.

It is the same with a sacrifice. A combination composed of a sacrifice has a more immediate effect upon the person playing over the game in which it occurs than another combination, because the apparent senselessness of the sacrifice is a convincing proof of the design of the player offering it.

Hence it comes that the risk of material, and the victory of the weaker material over the stronger material, gives the impression of a symbol of the mastery of mind over matter.


Now we see wherein lies the pleasure to be derived from a chess combination. Modern ideas in chess lies in the feeling that a human mind is behind the game dominating the inanimate pieces with which the game is carried on, modern ideas in chess giving them the breath of life.

We may regard it as an intellectual delight, equal to that afforded us by the knowledge that behind so many apparently disconnected and seemingly chance happenings in the physical world lies the one great ruling spirit - the law of Nature.

About the project Reading a chess book is not always easy for us amateurs. I hadn't read the book before. I wish I had.

Richard Reti, Modern Ideas in Chess

Modern Ideas in Chess is a compilation of 45 essays on the evolution of modern ideas in chess understanding from the mids until the s. After almost ninety years, it is still as fresh and insightful as it was to contemporaries of the great Slowakian player.

In fact, one of the reasons why the book still looks so modern is probably because of its compact size. Most importantly, he had an incredibly sharp eye when observing the chess style of his great predecessors.

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For instance, he points out that in the following position after 5. Ng5, a move "Morphy would certainly never have made", players before Morphy modern ideas in chess used to play Ne5, because it looked attractive to protect the pawn at f7 and attack the bishop on c4 at the same time.


Qxc5 White has a clear advantage. Morphy, on the other hand, simply played Nh6 exchanged the otherwise undeveloped piece and not the already developed knight at c6.

White has a bad game and the premature attack by 5.

Actually this example served as a good wake-up call to myself, since it made me realize chess is not about making nice moves, but about making modern ideas in chess moves.

It's the rule I tend to forget most in chess. Modern ideas in chess - Morphy Paris 4 Nc3 Does Anderssen intend to make a developing move here?

That it happens to be one is merely chance. It is essentially an attacking move which threatens

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