Linear Algebra Book Front Cover Linear Algebra Book Back Cover. Publication May Gilbert Strang [email protected] Wellesley-Cambridge Press Related websites: , , ~gs. Linear Algebra MIT (OCW). Lectures by G. Strang, fbadd8bbcjpg. This course offers a rigorous treatment of linear algebra, including vector spaces, systems of linear equations, bases, linear independence, matrices.


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Please have more such video lectures for other courses too.

Linear Algebra MIT (OCW) - ML Wiki

Its for the greater good and enhancement of knowledge and ultimately mankind I am from Pakistan and these lectures have flawed my previous understandings about linear algebra.

Being a good mathematician hated LA due to absurd concepts from alot of absurd sources You have made all my complications go away. Setiawan, May 27, at 2: I am mit linear algebra Indonesia, and still an undergrad student.

All i want to say is a gratitude. Thanks God I found your lecture, it helps me a lot understanding the beauty of linear algebra.

MIT 18.06 Linear Algebra - Spring 2005

Every lecturer of math should sees your way of teaching! Splendid 38 Juan C, June 15, at mit linear algebra I am very impressed with his teaching basically i am a game programmer and i am weak in linear algebra and game developement involves equations by seeing this video tutorial i learned many things.

  • MIT Linear Algebra Spring - VideoLectures -
  • Linear Algebra by MIT on Apple Podcasts
  • Linear Algebra

The good thing about strang is the way he teaches he goes in depth of each concept and when he teaches he puts a question and tells practical example that makes me understand solution better.

Many professor till now i had seen they just tell how to use the formulae but no one tells mit linear algebra it comes thats where you stand and thats the reason i like mit linear algebra teaching.

Linear Algebra | Mathematics | MIT OpenCourseWare

Mit linear algebra from Myanmar, second year mechatronics,AIT. Thanks a lot Professor Strang. The best thing is that,pronounciation is very good. Even indians can also grasp his english very easily. Its like a interesting movie.

The style of lecture is great that am never lost in the mid. We do not have in Mit linear algebra professors like that unfortunately!!!


Those are the best online lectures in maths I have ever seen! I'm a Chinese, my English name is Shirley.

Introduction to Linear Algebra, Fifth Edition (2016)

Your lecture is conscise and beautiful. I watch it just as watching an attractive movie. I think I already mit linear algebra your fan now. Wish you be healthy and happy everyday. I am rahul mit linear algebra, i just complited my degree in mathematics from modern college pune and trying for entrance of msc in university of pune, these videos of linear algebra are really helpful to me Thanks, u r exellent mit linear algebra.

I am Tariq, student of Computer Science from Pakistan. I am a big fan of Prof. This course was really helpful fom me. I have no words to praise Prof. I wanna say I love you Sir. Rajaganapathi, June 3, at I am indianthis lecture is very much use full.

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