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Introducing Shaykh Ibrahim al Yaqoubi He is the most learned scholar of the inward and outward: The origin of his family returns back to the Algeria.


His great grandfather Sh. Muhammad al-Hasan migrated with his family as part of the famously known 'Migration of the Scholars' Hijrah al-Mashaikh during the middle of the thirteenth Islamic century, along with Matn ibn achir.

Muhammad al-Mahdi al-Saklawi and Sh. His grandfather reached Damascus in the year Hijri. Early Life and Seeking of Knowledge Sh.

Matn Ibn Achir : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Ibrahim was born in Damascus on the night of Eid al-Adha in the year Hijri and was raised under the supervision of his father who taught him whilst he was still young the fundamentals of Aqidah and the Quran in the recitation of Warsh. He began the study of matn ibn achir sciences firstly in the 'Maktab' of Sh.

Mustafa al-Jazairi, then he was moved after some months by his father to the 'Maktab' of Sh. Muhammad Ali al-Hijazi al-Kaylani where he remained for around six years the duration of which he memorized most of the Quran.

He studied with the spiritual guide Sh. matn ibn achir


Muhammad al-Hashimi, the Sheikh of the Shadhili order, who resided nearby matn ibn achir the home of Sh. Ibrahim would accompany Sh. He studied with him in the Umayyad mosque and other places the commentary of 'Ibn Ashir' by Sh.

He was granted a general ijazah by him on the 24th of Shawwal Hijri in the rational and transmitted sciences, aswell as the litanies of the Matn ibn achir order. He attended with his father whilst young the lessons of the Muhaddith Sh.

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Muhammad Badr al-Din al-Hasani, aswell as regularly visiting and benefitting from the lessons of his uncle Sh.

Muhammad al-Sharif al-Yaqubi, whose public lessons he attended in the prayer niche mihrab of the Maliki's in the Umayyad mosque and his home. He also studied with his uncle Sh. Muhammad al-Arabi al-Yaqubi in the prayer niche of the Malikis matn ibn achir the Umayyad mosque. Muhammad Ali al-Qattan and kept the company of Sh.


Hussein al-Baghjati from whom he benefitted from in the matn ibn achir of calligraphy, recitation tajwid and Prophetic biography sirah. He attended during this period of time the public lessons which would take place in the Sinaniyyah mosque by Sh.

Muhammad Shakir al-Misri better known as al-Himsi, Sh. He studied with Sh.

صوت وصوره لايف

He also studied with Sh. Abd al-Qadir al-Iskandari and Sh. Ismail was his first spiritual guide and the most important matn ibn achir his teachers during his life. He took from the Shadhili path and benefitted from his instructions and training.

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