Transcript of Masele si Puterea. Elias Canetti " Mulțime compactă de oameni, considerată ca o unitate, gloată; grupare mare de oameni cu. "Masele si puterea" - Elias Canetti. 3 likes. Book. "Masele si puterea" - Elias Canetti. Book. 3 people like this topic. Want to like this Page? Sign up for. Masele si puterea has ratings and 75 reviews. BlackOxford said: The Future Belongs to CrowdsAn astounding book. It reads like a series of essays.


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Because this is masele si puterea annoys me to no end about books and people in general, when they present their obviously biased and very subjective opinions as the absolute truth emitted by the other worldy authority that they believe they are.


To me, this is mister Canetti presenting his elaborate, pretentious, shallow, completely unsupported by research masele si puterea about crowds in the most patronizing and infurating way I've This is masele si puterea bullsht, or rather I should say I wholeheartedly believe it to be so.

La formazione del nazismo secondo Canetti. Il trattato di Versailles ha tolto alla Germania l'esercito. I primati usano le mani per muoversi sugli alberi di ramo in ramo.

Nel commercio le merci vengono prese e lasciate, afferrate e consegnate.

Elias Canetti-Masele Si Puterea - Brochures

Ergo, il piacere psicologico del commercio deriva dai tempi in cui i nostri pelosi antenati volteggiavano di ramo in ramo. Only a few masele si puterea his crowds could be termed mobs. Most are institutionalised, or 'closed', crowds, the primary issue of masele si puterea is to prevent them becoming anything like a mob, which is 'open'.

Prototypical of an institutionalised crowd is religion.

Religions 'domesticate' crowds masele si puterea precisely controlled ritual. Congregants must be united but not excited enough to press for too rapid expansion nor irritated enough by its demands to provoke departure. Parliamentary crowds are only possible because the losers in democratic election are not killed or physically harmed.

It was a threat not just to Clinton but to the essential conditions masele si puterea elected government. The very solemnity with which elections are conducted, argues Canetti, derives from the renunciation of death an instrument of decision.

His discussion of National Crowd Symbols is presented almost as an aside but is particularly thought-provoking.


Some are obvious once stated: They masele si puterea an emotional significance that is real the last night of the Proms comes to mind, as does the role masele si puterea the Dijkgraaf in the political unity of Holland. Others are less apparent but of very practical historical import. For example, the Marching Forest of the Army in Germany, a symbol of pan-Germanic strength and unity created by Bismarck was fatally disgraced by the Treaty of Versailles.

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