BEFORE WE PROCEED TO KNOW ABOUT ANNEX 1 TO 6 OF MARPOL 73/78, I CLICK ON THE ANNEXES BELOW TO DIRECTLY JUMP TO THAT ANNEX.‎MARPOL ANNEX 1 · ‎MARPOL ANNEX 2 · ‎MARPOL ANNEX 3 · ‎MARPOL ANNEX 4. Chapter 1 - General. Regulation 1, Definitions Regulation 19, Double hull and double bottom requirements for oil tankers delivered on or after 6 July Results 1 - 20 of - MARPOL includes six technical annexes: Extension of the application of the Act to the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) (section 6).


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Ina Protocol was adopted to amend the Convention and a new Annex VI was added which entered into force on 19 May The Convention includes regulations aimed at preventing marpol annexes 1 6 minimizing pollution from ships - both accidental pollution and that from routine marpol annexes 1 6 - and currently includes six technical Annexes.

The conference was first organized by the United Kingdom; however later on, all the regulations and functions related to the convention were transferred to the International Maritime Organization IMO.


The conference had amendments that mainly prevented oil pollution at sea. It did this by making zones wherein any kind of oil discharge was prohibited.

Marpol 73/78 and Annex I to VI

Then infollowing the disastrous accident of the oil tanker Torrey Canyon which dumped almostmarpol annexes 1 6 of oil into the English Channel, the convention was modified and established marpol annexes 1 6with a main focus on oil tankers.

The convention was later again modified in All six Annexes have been ratified by the requisite number of nations; the most recent is Annex VI, which took effect in May Each signatory nation is responsible for enacting domestic laws to implement the convention and effectively pledges to comply with the convention, annexes, and related laws of other nations.

In the United States, marpol annexes 1 6 example, the relevant implementation legislation is the Act to Prevent Pollution from Ships. The country that the ship visits can conduct its own examination to verify a ship's compliance with international standards and can detain the ship if it finds significant noncompliance.

ANNEX 1-6 of MARPOL 73/78

When incidents occur outside such country's jurisdiction or jurisdiction cannot be determined, the country refers cases to flag states, in accordance with MARPOL.

A Marpol annexes 1 6 GAO report documented that even when referrals have been made, the response rate from flag states has been poor.

This has proven controversial for shipping and ferry operators across Europe. In respect of the Antarctic area, any discharge into the sea of oil or oily mixtures from any ship shall be prohibited.

  • MARPOL 73/78 - Wikipedia
  • International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL)
  • Marpol 73/78 and Annex I to VI
  • International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL)
  • Consolidated Marine Pollution 73/78 Annexes 1-VI (MARPOL 73/78

Oil filtering equipment shall be of a design approved by the Administration and shall be such as will ensure that any oily mixture discharged into the sea after passing through marpol annexes 1 6 system has an oil content not exceeding 15 parts per million.

In addition, it shall be provided with alarm arrangement to indicate when this level cannot be maintained.

The system shall also be provided with arrangements to ensure that any marpol annexes 1 6 of oily mixtures is automatically stopped when the oil content of the effluent exceeds 15 parts per million.

The Oil Record Book Part I shall be completed on each occasion, on a tank-to-tank basis if appropriate, whenever any of the following machinery space operations takes place in the ship: The Oil Record Book Part I, shall be kept in such a place as to be readily available for inspection at all reasonable times and, except in the case of unmanned ships under tow, shall be kept on board the ship.

It shall be preserved for a period of three years after marpol annexes 1 6 last entry has been made.


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