Mantengase creyendo, mantengase orando, mantengase confiando en Dios. Si necesitas ayuda para dejar salir, llama en tu desespero al Dios de amor. Manténgase el amor dejen de practicar la hospitalidad, manche la unión conyugal. Dios castigará a los licenciosos y a los que cometen adulterio. Manténganse libres del amor al dinero, y conténtense con lo que tienen, porque Dios ha dicho: «Nunca te dejaré; jamás te abandonaré». Así que podemos.


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You are His creation, His temple and the Spirit of God dwells in you and those who do not accept the Spirit of Christ do not belong to our Lord Romans 8: Keep seeking the face of God, stand your ground, be strong in Jesus Christ Who strengthens you.

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While I do not know the answer to all of those questions I do know this much. Our marriages would be better off if we learned how to pray together. I also know that our enemy hates praying couples and he will mantengase en el amor de dios whatever he can to thwart it. What does he know that we do not seem to?

Why is it so hard for a couple to pray together on any regular basis? Again, those questions need to be answered and the sooner the better.


They need to be answered in our marriages and today would not be too soon. Our marriages are under attack at a record rate — do they have a prayer?


If not, why not? Mantengase en el amor de dios Klick has been in fulltime ministry for over thirty years since He currently serves as the senior pastor at Hope Family Fellowship in Kansas City, Kansas, a church he planted in Klick married his high school sweetheart, Leslie, in May of They have three adult children and ten grandchildren.

In addition to serving as senior pastor at Hope Family Fellowship, Dr. Klick is a frequent blogger on several websites and has published multiple books.


We must keep our helmet on but it is not a physical helmet. Christ is our helmet, He is our salvation.

The gifts of God just keep coming. Christ is the head of the church and is our helmet.

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Helmet of Salvation Eph 6: Even more so that the Helmet of faith and the Sword of the Spirit are together as well. The mouth speaks words and the sword of the Spirit is the Word of God.

He used the Word of God to fight all temptations successfully. Sword of the Spirit Eph The Word of God Eph 6: He was with God in the beginning. Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made.

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome mantengase en el amor de dios.

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