Vastu guide Bhu the Shastra for every home / house construction, Length of the home / building and its effects / consequences explained in detail in Manaiyadi. Manaiyadi shastram reveals the vastu shastra compatibility between a specific geometry of a home or room and its occupants. Analysing this compatibility. Vastu Shastra information in Tamil Language | Manaiyadi Sastram | : Dear Visitors of Vastu Website, we are proudly.


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Manaiyadi Shastram manayadi sastram the months to build a house, while defining the results that will be bestowed upon the owner of the house as a result of this.

Vastu length for building house / home - Vaastu Vastu Shastra

Vaikasi is a good month to build a house for yourself, according to Manaiyadi Shastram. When the building work starts in the month of Vaikasi, it is manayadi sastram that the work will progress well and speedily and the finished product will be good in quality.

The family that resides in the house will also lead a happy life. Similarly, Aavani is also a manayadi sastram good month for beginning building construction. Families that live in such houses will be happy at all times and life will be sweet.

The financial well-being of the house will also be taken care of.


The next in line is Karthigai month. Building a house during the month of Karthigai will ensure the blessings of the Gods in the house, says Manayadi sastram Shastram.


Similarly, Marghazhi month is also a favourable month of the Gods and is a suitable month to build a house. Thai is a month when you can start construction without giving it a second thought. The other things manayadi sastram must be kept in mind are: Doors manayadi sastram each room should be facing East.

Bedrooms should be in South and West.


Master bedroom in South west. Placement of mirrors on South and West wall are inauspicious. While sleeping head should be in Manayadi sastram or West but never in North. Pooja room should be in North East.

Manaiyadi Shastram|Manayadi Sastram

All idols and photographs should be facing West. Manayadi sastram seat should be in North-South only.

It should not be in East-West. Out houses should not touch the compound wall of North and Manayadi sastram side.

Stairs should always be in clock-wise direction. Anything underground should be in North or Manayadi sastram. Anything above ground should be in South or West.


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