Cuentos de Eva Luna Spanish-language edition of The Stories of Eva Luna Written by Isabel Allende. Cuentos de Eva Luna. Category: Fiction - Literary; Fiction. Cuentos De Eva Luna by Allende, Isabel and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now at Eva Luna era una cascada de cuentos contados a través de otros cuentos. Pero el caudal estaba lejos de haberse agotado. En la cama con su amante, Eva.


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Indeed, critics have also drawn attention to this factor in her collection of short stories, Cuentos de Eva Luna.

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Jacoba Koene, for example, reports that: In addition to this analysis of Allende's fiction, my aim is also to contribute to the more los cuentos de eva luna debate in literary studies surrounding the romance genre.

It is with this debate that I begin my discussion, before undertaking closer textual analysis of Allende's story in a later part of this article.


Allende herself first became engaged in the polemic surrounding the romance genre at an earlier juncture of her career when, as a journalist, she spent some time translating romantic love stories for a living. So I changed the ending […].


And for a while no one noticed. But after some time the readers wouldn't buy that. They hated it, because they wanted the predictable ending, where they know from the very first page what was going to happen—no surprises.

And you have to be respectful with that. They want safe literature. Or a safe story, let's say.


Because that's not literature. However, while los cuentos de eva luna may seem in the above quotation that Allende is colluding with the general devaluation or contempt for popular art, it is worth pointing out that she appears to be referring to the conventional romances that is, before she changed their endings as stories rather than literature, and not her own versions of them.

The Stories of Eva Luna, Isabel Allende - Essay

Indeed, in many other interviews, Allende has consistently affirmed the value and function of her subsequent use of romance in her fiction, in terms such as the following: First, her assertion of the merits of the romance genre challenges the values of the predominantly patriarchal literary establishment which, as Finnegan pointed out, cherishes above all novels of the politically-engaged experimental type.

Effectively, therefore, Allende's comments call for a reassessment of the values of the literary canon and los cuentos de eva luna both in terms of the romance and, more generally, in terms of genre. In this respect, Allende concurs with the work of many feminist scholars who have reappropriated the romance as a genre for scholarly research and study.

For example, in her now classic book Reading los cuentos de eva luna Romance: Women, Patriarchy and Popular Literature, Janice Radway comments that the romance is never simply a love story but [It] is also an exploration of the meaning of patriarchy for women.

The Stories of Eva Luna, Isabel Allende - Essay -

As a result, it is concerned with the fact that men possess and regularly exercise power over them in all sorts of circumstances. By picturing the heroine in relative positions of weakness, romances are not necessarily endorsing her situation, but examining an all-too-common state of affairs in order to display possible strategies for coping with it.

If their writers are no longer apologizing for their activity, women critics are more than ever uncomfortable with these narratives. Such discomfort is, to a los cuentos de eva luna extent, justified, but what is most striking is that it too seems to manifest a defensiveness which has not been felt through […] feminist critics seem to be strenuously disassociating themselves from the seductiveness of the feminine texts.

Romance, Jackson points out, is experienced in different ways by men and women across different cultures.

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