Learn, step-by-step with screenshots, how to run a binomial logistic regression analysis in Stata including learning about the assumptions and how to interpret. In Stata, there are two commands for fitting a logistic regression model. (Actually, there are more, but we won't discuss commands here.). Logistic Regression. Version info: Code for this page was tested in Stata Logistic regression, also called a logit model, is used to model dichotomous.


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That is, the probability that a male having consumed four beers has Bieber fever is. It is possible to recover predicted probabilities for each person in the sample using the.

You can calculate predicted probabilities using the margins command, which was introduced in Stata Below we use the margins command to calculate the predicted probability of admission at each level logistic regression stata rank, holding all other variables in the model at their means.

For more information on using the margins command to calculate predicted probabilities, see our page Using margins for logistic regression stata probabilities. Pr admitpredict at: Below we generate the predicted probabilities for values of gre from to in increments of Because we have not specified either atmeans or used at … to specify values at with the other predictor variables are held, the values in the logistic regression stata are average predicted probabilities calculated using the sample values of the other predictor variables.

Pr admitpredict 1.

Logistic Regression | Stata Data Analysis Examples

We may also wish to see measures of how well our model fits. This can be particularly useful when comparing competing models. The user-written command fitstat produces a variety logistic regression stata fit statistics.

You can find more information on fitstat by typing search fitstat see How can Logistic regression stata use the search command to search for programs and get additional help? Below, we discuss the relationship between the coefficients and the odds ratios logistic regression stata show how one can be converted into the other.

However, before we discuss some examples of logistic regression, we need to take a moment to review some basic math regarding logarithms.

Logistic Regression with Stata Chapter 1: Introduction to Logistic Regression with Stata

In this web book, all logarithms will be natural logs. This is critical, as it is the relationship between the coefficients and the odds ratios.

We have created some small data sets to help illustrate the relationship between the logit coefficients given in the output of the logit command and the odds ratios given in the output of the logistic command. We will use the tabulate command to see how the data are distributed. We will also obtain the predicted values and graph them against x, logistic regression stata we would in OLS regression.

On each line we enter the x and y values, and for the variable cnt, we enter then number of times we want that line repeated in the data set. logistic regression stata


We use the expand command to finish creating the data set. We can see this by using the list command.

Logistic Regression with Stata Chapter 1: Introduction to Logistic Regression with Stata

If list command is issued by itself i. Later in this chapter, we will use probabilities to assist with the interpretation of the findings. Many people find probabilities easier to understand than odds ratios. You will notice that the information at the top of the two logistic regression stata is the same.

Wald test logistic regression stata called z and the p-values are the same, as are the log likelihood and the standard error.

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