XSPC is a leading manufacturer of premium high-performance liquid cooling systems and components for your computer. We started XSPC with one vision. You'll even need a few fans to push around all the water! Our guide to setting up a liquid-cooled PC explains a basic (ha!) system in exacting. Liquid cooling, also known as water cooling, is the best solution for rapid heat removal from critical spots in the modern day computer with zero noise pollution! Your GPU usually takes up two slots and by having multiple GPU system build.


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Unparalleled cooling performance The most common way to cool hot components today is by using big stock coolers with air flow, provided by the stock fans that come with your CPU and GPU.


By installing liquid cooling you get rid of the loud fans, and water is much better at transferring heat from the hot components compared to air. Silent Operation Because liquid cooling radiators provide a huge cooling area, we can liquid cooling system for pc fans at very low speeds, that are practically inaudible.

This generates even more heat than stock frequencies and the most important thing is to sufficiently transfer the excess heat away from the source.

Inside the unit is a compressor of the same type as in an air conditioner.

Why Liquid Cooling?

The compressor compresses a gas or mixture of gases which comes from the evaporator cpu cooler discussed below. Then, the very hot high pressure vapor is pushed into the condenser heat dissipation device where is condenses from a hot gas into a liquid, typically subcooled at the exit of the condenser then the liquid is fed to an expansion device restriction in the system to cause a drop in pressure a vaporize the fluid cause it to reach a pressure where it can boil at the desired temperature ; the expansion device used can be a simple capillary tube to a more elaborate thermal expansion valve.

The liquid evaporates changing phaseabsorbing the heat from the processor as it draws extra energy from its environment to accommodate this change see latent heat. The liquid flow into the evaporator boiling cooling the liquid cooling system for pc, turning into a vapor at a low pressure.

This type of system suffers from a number of issues cost, weight, size, vibration, maintenance, cost of electricity, noise, need for a specialized computer tower but, mainly, one must be concerned with dew point and the proper insulation of all sub-ambient surfaces that must liquid cooling system for pc done the pipes will sweat, dripping water on sensitive electronics.

Liquid cooling system for pc, a new breed of cooling system is being developed, inserting a pump into the thermosiphon loop. This adds another degree of flexibility for the design engineer, as the heat can now be effectively transported away from the heat source and either reclaimed or dissipated to ambient.

Custom Liquid Cooling: iBUYPOWER® Gaming PC

Junction temperature can be tuned by adjusting the system pressure; higher pressure equals higher fluid saturation temperatures.

These systems are, in essence, the next generation fluid cooling paradigm, as they are approximately 10 times more efficient than single phase water. Since the system uses a dielectric as the heat transport medium, leaks do not cause a catastrophic failure of the electric system. This type of cooling is seen as a more liquid cooling system for pc way to cool components, since the units are relatively expensive compared to the liquid cooling system for pc desktop.

Computer cooling

They also generate a significant amount of noise, since they are essentially refrigerators; however, the compressor choice and air cooling system is the main determinant of this, allowing for flexibility for noise reduction based on the parts chosen.

Liquid nitrogen[ edit ] Liquid nitrogen may be used to cool liquid cooling system for pc components.

In a typical installation of liquid nitrogen cooling, a copper or aluminum pipe is mounted on top of the processor or graphics card. Evaporation devices ranging from cut out heat sinks with pipes attached to custom milled copper containers are used to hold the nitrogen as well as to prevent large temperature changes.

However, after the nitrogen evaporates, it has to be refilled. In the realm of personal computers, this liquid cooling system for pc of cooling is seldom used in contexts other than overclocking trial-runs and record-setting attempts, as the CPU will usually expire within liquid cooling system for pc relatively short period of time due to temperature stress caused by changes in internal temperature.

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Although liquid nitrogen is non-flammable, it can condense oxygen directly from air. Mixtures of liquid oxygen and flammable materials can be dangerously explosive. Liquid nitrogen cooling is, generally, only used for processor benchmarking, due to the fact that continuous usage may cause permanent damage to one or more parts of the computer and, if handled in a careless way, can even harm the user.

Liquid helium[ liquid cooling system for pc ] Liquid heliumcolder than liquid nitrogen, has also been used for cooling.

Computer cooling - Wikipedia

Also, extremely low temperatures can cause integrated circuits to stop functioning. These techniques are often used, in particular, by those who run parts of their computer such as the CPU and GPU at higher voltages and frequencies than specified by manufacturer overclockingwhich increases heat generation.

The installation liquid cooling system for pc higher performance, non-stock cooling may also be considered modding. Many overclockers simply buy more efficient, and often, more expensive fan and heat sink combinations, while others resort to more exotic ways of computer cooling, such as liquid cooling, Peltier effect heatpumps, heat pipe or phase change cooling.


There are liquid cooling system for pc some related practices that have a positive impact in reducing system temperatures: Intel [42] Thermal compound is commonly used to enhance the thermal conductivity from the CPU, GPU or any heat producing components to the heatsink cooler.

Counterclockwise from top left:

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