Followed by, Life Eternal. Dead Beautiful is a young adult urban fantasy novel by American author Yvonne Woon. Author, Yvonne Woon. Cover artist, Elizabeth. Download Life Eternal PDF Fully free eBook by Yvonne Woon Renée Winters has changed. When she looks in the mirror, a beautiful girl with an older, sadder. I am in love with Dante Berlin. He is my soulmate. He saved my life. This may sound perfect, but I know the truth. Dante is an Undead. Soon he will turn.


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Certain events, and deaths in the book point towards Dante and since he chooses to remain silent about his activities while on the run and his whereabouts, Renee has reasons for her questions.

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But he wants more than what she can give…. This is a good read. It left me frustrated about Noah the ice! It also left me with questions, the biggest being: Till then, read these with a tissue or two….


Luckily there's a handy recap near the beginning and I very quickly life eternal yvonne woon up all the threads of the story and was soon engrossed in Renee's journey. I enjoyed the change in setting from the confines of the Academy to a whole life eternal yvonne woon school with lots of new faces.

There's some interesting characters including Anya, who becomes a friend of Renee and has a secret talent, along with Clementine, who is immensely jealous of Renee's talents and not to forget the very cute Noah who she becomes close to.


Although the introduction of Noah made me initially groan slightly at yet another love triangle, he really did grow on me quickly life eternal yvonne woon I found myself liking him more and more.

Dante pursued Gideon outside, pulling him underground in a forced burial, which should have killed them both. I remember sitting there beside him, watching him die.

And I knew what I had to do. I gave Dante my soul to save his life.

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I died life eternal yvonne woon him, and then ten days later, he gave my soul back to me. I should have been alive after that. That was the last time I could remember the smell of flowers or the feel of the sun on my neck.

: Life Eternal (A Dead Beautiful Novel) : Yvonne Woon: Books

Without Dante, everything was dull and colourless, a world made of cardboard. What life eternal yvonne woon it feel like to drink a glass of cold water on a hot day?

To taste the tartness of a summer peach?

These days, I could hardly remember what it felt like to enjoy even simple pleasures like that. My only comfort was the life eternal yvonne woon of Dante, and the hope that once I saw him, I would be able to understand what had happened to me, and what had happened to him.

Or somewhere in between, like me? He had been sending me messages through Eleanor all summer, each brief and devoid of any information other than that he was safe. Life eternal yvonne woon was in hiding; he had to be concise.


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