The introduction describes the basic building blocks of a compiler and explains the interaction between lex and yacc. The next two sections describe lex and. How do Lex and YACC work internally. In the YACC file, you write your own main function, which calls yyparse at one point. The function yyparse is created. This article is about how Linux was used to program a Sun machine to manipulate well-log recordings to support finding oil and gas exploration in Western.


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The remaining sections discuss issues that commonly arise in compiler writing.

Click on the following links for additional downloads: Consider again the example of a C-compiler. This is because this kind of analysis of text files is lex and yacc associated with writing compilers.

However, as we will see, it can be applied to almost any situation where text-based input is being used.


For example, a C program may contain something like: After you assign a value to a variable, as follows, the cursor moves to the next line. This file has entries in all three sections of a yacc lex and yacc file: The tokens in our grammar are lex and yacc parts of speech: Yacc defines each of these as a small integer using a preprocessor define.

Here are the definitions it used in this example: Yacc can optionally write a C header file containing all of the token definitions.

1. Lex and Yacc - lex & yacc, 2nd Edition [Book]

You include this file, called y. The Parts of Speech Lexer Example shows the declarations and rules sections of the new lexer. Lexer to be called from the parser ch There are several important differences here.

We have also added return statements to pass lex and yacc the parser the token codes for the words that it recognizes. These return statements show that yylex acts like a coroutine. Each time the parser calls it, it takes up processing at the exact point it lex and yacc off.

The LEX & YACC Page

This allows us to examine and operate upon the input stream incrementally. We added a rule to mark the end of a sentence: The other change we made to lex and yacc lexical analyzer was to omit the main routine as it will now be provided within the parser.


A Yacc Parser Finally, Example introduces our first cut at the yacc grammar. Simple yacc sentence parser ch We use it here for a C comment as with lex, C comments belong lex and yacc C code blocks, at least within the definition section and a single include file.

Lex & yacc, 2nd Edition by Tony Mason, John Levine, Doug Brown

Then come definitions of all the tokens we expect to receive from lex and yacc lexical analyzer. In this example, they correspond to the eight parts of speech.

The name of a token does not have any intrinsic meaning to yacc, although well-chosen token names tell the reader what they represent. Although yacc lets you use lex and yacc valid C identifier name for a yacc symbol, universal custom dictates that token names be all uppercase and other names in the parser mostly or entirely lowercase.

The routine yyparse is the parser generated by yacc, so our main program repeatedly tries to parse sentences until the input runs out.


The Rules Section The rules section describes the actual grammar as a set of production rules or simply rules.

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