——'Le chant du cygne d'Antigone', inA. Machin ée (eds), Sophocle: le texte, les personnages (AixenProvence ), – Vieillefond, J.R., Les. Start studying Antigone personnages. Roi de Thebes, Oncle d'antigone et père de Hemon. Hemon. Fils de Creon et fiancé d'antigone. Ismene. Sœur d'. ghita mansour. Updated Nov. 27, Transcript. PRESENTER PAR. MANSOUR Ghita. LES PERSONNAGES D'ANTIGONE. Who we are.


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In the Theogonythe sea Pontus is one of the children born out of Gaia''s parthenogenesis. Thus, the sea is one of the primeval elements that help conceive and shape the world. Similarly, the Titan Oceanus, the river that encircles the world beyond the sea, is called the father of all things in the Iliad.

Oceanus and his wife Tethys are remarkably fertile, giving rise to three thousand Oceanids, three thousand Naiads, and their brothers the three thousand rivers. Yet for all its fertility and the nourishment it provides, the sea is not exclusively female in Greek mythology.

The sea is personified as the Titans Pontus and Oceanus, who are les personnages dantigone. Finally, the mythical creatures that inhabit the sea, such as Nereids, Oceanids, les personnages dantigone Tritons, are either male or female.

It is therefore difficult to understand the sea as a mother figure in a Greek context, les personnages dantigone it is not exclusively female. Moreover, the sea''s fertility is counterbalanced by a reputation for barrenness.

Homer calls the sea "fruitless, unharvested. Even the numerous fish that inhabit the sea cf. Finally, les personnages dantigone common view of the entrance to Hades as a chasm in the earth competes with a representation of Hades as located beyond the sea, on the shores of les personnages dantigone Ocean.

Odysseus, for instance, must sail westward all the way to the northwestern horizon to consult the seer Tiresias in Hades. Other entrances to Hades, while they are usually caves or crevices in the earth, are located by the sea.

Thus the sea has an ambivalent character in Greek culture. It is a source of food and a path of communication, but also a disquieting empty and barren space that evokes death and can even lead to Hades.

The two visions of Hades as located beyond the sea or under the earth are not antithetical. In Greek cosmology, the earth is surrounded by the encircling river Ocean, which can be les personnages dantigone by sailing out of the Mediterranean through the Pillars of Heracles les personnages dantigone Strait of Gibraltaror out of the Black Sea in the east.

On the Ocean, the water meets the vault of the sky and the corresponding chasm of the Underworld, forming a sphere les personnages dantigone diameter is occupied by the Ocean.

Islands pepper the surface of the Ocean, but no continent is imagined to exist les personnages dantigone the encircling river, at least not in the Archaic or Classical period. Thus, when death is represented as a sea voyage les personnages dantigone the Ocean, it can lead either to the Underworld or to the Islands of the Blessed.

Antigone QCM de compréhension globale

In the case of Heracles, who acquires immortality as a result of his exploits on the Ocean, les personnages dantigone travels upward to Olympus. As this book demonstrates, the sea, because it is in between the earth, the Underworld, and Olympus, mediates between the worlds of the living, the dead, and the gods.

Exploration Versus Imagination But how did these imaginary models interact with Greek exploration in the Atlantic? Did empirical knowledge subsume les personnages dantigone constructs about the sea?

Pindar and Euripides declare that sailing past the Pillars of Heracles is forbidden, since it is an encroachment upon divine territory.

Mises en scène d'Antigone, Anouilh by Valentin ROUSSEL on Prezi

Yet, according to Herodotus 1. They landed in Tartessus on the Atlantic coast of Spain. There, les personnages dantigone Phocaeans initiated a profitable trading relationship with the locals, which brought goods from Brittany and Cornwall, among other distant lands.

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