[Par La Rochefoucauld. Advis au lecteur. Discours sur les Réflexions, ou Sentences et maximes morales, par Segrais] -- -- livre. Maximes consists of hundreds of two- or three-line sentences in which La Rochefoucauld muses about honor, fate, friendship, love, and the. François VI, Duc de La Rochefoucauld, Prince de Marcillac was a noted French author of . The editions of La Rochefoucauld's Maximes (as the full title runs, Réflexions ou sentences et maximes morales) published . Les Maximes; "préface".Notable works‎: ‎Memoirs; Maximes.


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Other cabals against Richelieu once resulted in La Rochefoucauld being sentenced to eight days in the Bastilleand he was occasionally required to leave the Court, exiled to his father's estates. However, the growing reputation of Mazarin impeded the ambition of the plotters, and La Rochefoucauld's liaison with Duchess of Longueville made him irrevocably a frondeur aristocratic rebel.

He was a conspicuous figure in the siege of Paris, fought in many of the frequent military engagements, and was seriously wounded at the siege of Les maximes la rochefoucauld.

He used the occasion of his father's funeral les maximes la rochefoucauld to urge the attending provincial nobility to help him attack the royalist garrison of Saumur.

Les Maximes de La Rochefoucauld : suivies des Réflexions diverses

In the battle of the Faubourg Saint-Antoineinhe was shot through the head. It was feared that he would lose his sight, but he recovered after a year's convalescence. For some years thereafter, he retired to his country estate of Verteuil.

La Rochefoucauld did not return to court life until just before Mazarin's death, when Louis XIV was about to assume absolute power, and the aristocratic anarchy of the Fronde was over.

He les maximes la rochefoucauld his memoirs during this time, as did many of his prominent contemporaries. Inthe Dutch firm House of Elzevir surreptitiously published what purported to be his memoirs, which brought him both trouble and fame.

Many of his old friends were offended. These memoirs were not a faithful copy of what he had written, and while he hastened to deny their authenticity, this was not generally believed. Les maximes la rochefoucauld son, the Prince de Marcillac, to whom he gave his titles and honors inenjoyed a considerable position at court.

La Rochefoucauld's ethical views have given rise to attacks upon his works by pious moralists of later eras. Like his contemporaries, he saw politics as a chessboard for powerful players, rather than as a struggle of ideologies or a means for achieving broad social goals.

Maxims Quotes by François de La Rochefoucauld

He appears to have been unusually scrupulous in his personal conduct, and his lack of success in the aristocratic struggles les maximes la rochefoucauld more from this than from anything else.

He died in Paris on 17 March His literary work consists of three parts—his Memoirsthe Maximesand his letters. The Memoirs are of high interest and literary merit. A book purporting to be La Rochefoucauld's memoirs was published in the Dutch Republic whence, despite the author's protest, it continued to be reprinted for some thirty years.


It has now been proved to have been pieced together from the work of half a dozen men, with scarcely a third of it being La Rochefoucauld's. Some years after La Rochefoucauld's death, a new recension les maximes la rochefoucauld, still largely adulterated but with some errors corrected.


This work went unchallenged for more than a century. Maximes L'amour de la justice n'est pour la plupart des hommes que la crainte de souffrir de l'injustice. Maximes Nous avons plus de paresse dans l'esprit que dans le corps.

Maximes Si nous n'avions pas d'orgueil, nous ne nous plaindrions pas de celui des autres. Maximes Tous ceux qui connaissent les maximes la rochefoucauld esprit ne connaissent pas leur coeur.

Maximes On les maximes la rochefoucauld presque toujours avec ceux que l'on ennuie.

François de La Rochefoucauld (writer)

Maximes Chacun dit du bien de son coeur, et personne n'ose en dire de son esprit. Maximes Il faut de plus grandes vertus pour soutenir la bonne fortune que la mauvaise.


Maximes On n'est jamais si heureux ni si malheureux qu'on imagine. Maximes Le soleil ni la mort ne se peuvent regarder fixement.

Maximes Les les maximes la rochefoucauld sont les seuls orateurs qui persuadent toujours. Maximes On est quelquefois un sot avec de l'esprit, mais on ne l'est jamais avec du jugement.

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