The historian, says historian Latinka Perović, first identifies processes and then follows them be they or not perceived as socially undesirable. Indeed, many. English: Latinka Perović. Date, 29 November , Source, ?photoId=&eventId= NIKOLA P. PASIC PISMA CLANCI I GOVORI by LATINKA PEROVIC I ANDREJ SEMJAKIN priredili and a great selection of similar Used, New and.


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A leading Serb intellectual speaks out about reconciliation and seeking a common ground.

The media in Yugoslavia recently reported that you had attended a meeting intended to organize a truth commission on the wars in the former Yugoslavia.

Given that the meeting was called by [Yugoslav] President [Vojislav] Kostunica and that it included many of the nationalist Serb intellectuals whom you in your writings identify as bearing responsibility for the outbreak that caused the collapse of the former Yugoslavia, your attendance was quite controversial and latinka perovic incomprehensible to some.

Why did you decide to participate? First of all, I want to say latinka perovic I received an invitation latinka perovic President Kostunica for a constitutive meeting of a group that would study the consequences of the conflict in the former Yugoslavia. I respect that type of invitation, and I decided to accept it.

Latinka Perović

I see this as the first attempt to come to terms with the recent past outside of the nongovernmental, alternative latinka perovic in Serbia. I did not know in advance who would attend the meeting, and I latinka perovic not think that it was important.

We need to be prepared to discuss issues with people who see things differently than we do.


That touches on one of the fundamental problems in the country. If you look at the political life of the country since the creation of latinka perovic parties - that is to say, for the last years - it has latinka perovic been a kind of civil war.

Latinka Perovic book review

Political opponents here have always been treated as enemies who need to be eliminated. That can be seen throughout Serbian political history. The Radical Party in the 19th century had a manifold populist mission. Latinka perovic wanted to preserve and foster the Serbian national soul by creating a national latinka perovic with a national party.

Museum of Yugoslavia

The Radicals deviated from a latinka perovic program of modernization, making it instead into a national program which they carried through the Balkan Wars, World War I, and to the creation of the Yugoslav state.

They continued to conduct themselves accordingly in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. The Communist Party of Yugoslavia also had an ideological mission. They, too, latinka perovic their political opponents as enemies.


I have always been fascinated by the fact that, in our history, one party rules hegemonically for a long time but then disappears almost completely after the death of its leader. This happened with Nikola Pasic, who helped to found the Latinka perovic Party. His death in led to the disintegration of the Latinka perovic Party.


Similarly, the death of Tito in latinka perovic experienced as the death of the Communist Party. But, in this case, it underwent a quasi-reincarnation through Slobodan Milosevic.

The move to a multiparty system was forced by external factors, and it did not create a genuine democracy. We need to acknowledge that the fall of Milosevic has resulted from the economic and social exhaustion of society, latinka perovic not from disavowal of this idea.

Latinka Perović | Revolvy

The new president is a man of letters. He leads a small party in a large coalition. That national program, let us be clear, resulted in genocide, mountains of victims, and mass displacements of people. Yet the new president thinks that the problem was that the main executors of the program latinka perovic communists.

Thus, he thinks that the same nationalist latinka perovic would meet with more success if it were cleansed of communists.

Latinka Perović

latinka perovic Nevertheless, a man changes when he goes from being in the opposition to being in government. He takes on responsibility, and he has to learn to compromise.

At that consultative meeting, there latinka perovic people of all stripes and persuasions.

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