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A flying boat has a lower fuselage possessing the shape of a boat hull giving it buoyancy, usually with a "step" near the center of gravity to allow the landing gear parts to more easily break free of the water's surface for takeoff.

Additional landing gear is landing gear parts present, typically comprising wing-mounted floats, or more rarely, stub-wing like sponsons on the lower sides of the fuselage, with their lower surfaces even with the chines forming the longitudinal lower corners of a flying boat's lower hull contours.

Helicopters able to land on water may have floats or a hull.

Landing gear - Wikipedia

An amphibious aircraft has landing gear for both land and water-based operation. Other types of landing gear[ edit landing gear parts Experimental tracked gear on landing gear parts B Peacemaker Detachable landing gear[ edit ] Some aircraft use wheels for takeoff and then jettison them soon afterwards for improved aerodynamic streamlining without the complexity, weight and space requirements of a retraction mechanism.


In these cases, landing gear parts wheels to be jettisoned are sometimes mounted onto axles that are part of a separate "dolly" for main wheels only or "trolley" for a three-wheel set with a nosewheel chassis. Landing is then accomplished on skids or similar other simple devices. Historical examples include the "dolly"-using Messerschmitt Me Komet rocket fighter, [6] the Messerschmitt Me Gigant troop glider, and the first eight "trolley"-using prototypes [7] of the Landing gear parts Ar jet reconnaissance bomber.

Trailer Landing Gear | eBay

A related contemporary example are the wingtip support wheels "pogos" on the Lockheed U-2 reconnaissance aircraft, which fall away after take-off and drop to earth; the aircraft then relies on titanium skids on the wingtips for landing. They include attachment points for wheels so that they can be moved for short distances on the ground.

Landing gear parts are impractical for helicopters weighing more landing gear parts four tons. Some high-speed machines have retractable wheels, but most use fixed wheels for their robustness, and to avoid the need for a retraction mechanism.


The Aero Commander family of twin-engined business aircraft also shares this feature on the main gears, which retract aft into the ends of the engine landing gear parts. The rearward-retracting nosewheel strut on the Heinkel He [9] and the forward-retracting nose gear strut on the later Cessna Skymaster similarly rotated 90 degrees as they retracted.

One exception landing gear parts the need for this complexity in many WW II fighter aircraft was Japan's famous Zero fighter, whose main gear stayed at a perpendicular angle to the centerline of the aircraft when extended, as seen from the side.

The two mainwheels are in line astern under the fuselage, with a smaller wheel on each wing An unusual undercarriage configuration is found on the Hawker Siddeley Harrier, which has two mainwheels in line astern landing gear parts the fuselage called a bicycle or tandem layout and a smaller wheel near the tip of each wing.

Landing Gear Parts |

On second generation Harriers, the wing is extended past the outrigger wheels to allow greater wing-mounted munition loads to landing gear parts carried, or to permit wing-tip extensions to be bolted on for ferry flights.

A variation of the multi tandem layout is also used on the B Stratofortress which has four main wheel bogies two forward and two aft underneath landing gear parts fuselage and a small outrigger wheel supporting each wing-tip.

The B's landing gear is also unique in that all four pairs of main wheels can be steered. This allows the landing gear to line up with the runway and thus makes crosswind landings easier using a technique called crab landing.

Since tandem aircraft cannot rotate for takeoff, the forward landing gear parts must be long enough to give the wings the correct angle of attack during takeoff.

During landing, the forward gear must not touch the runway first, otherwise the rear gear will slam down and cause the aircraft to bounce off the runway.

In this arrangement the main landing gear's shock absorption was taken up by a vertically sliding bungee cord-sprung upper member. The vertical post along which the upper member slid to take landing shocks also had its lower end as the rotation point for the forward end of the main wheel's suspension fork, allowing the main gear to pivot on moderate crosswind landings.

This feature was intended to enhance safety aboard aircraft carriers by redirecting the hot exhaust blast upwards, and to reduce hangar space requirements by enabling the aircraft to landing gear parts with its nose underneath the tail of a similarly equipped jet. Kneeling gear was used on the North American FJ-1 Fury [13] and on early versions of the McDonnell F2H Bansheebut was found to be of little use operationally, and was omitted from later Navy fighters.

This eco-friendly landing gear parts treatment provides remarkable protection without the added weight and cost of galvanization. Reinforcement Collar The Larger 2' reinforcment collar around the upper leg tubing adds strength and stability during agressive landing gear parts loading.

Built In Durability A durable performer, with three large, in-line, heat-treated ductile iron spur gears.

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