Developed by the University of Nebraska Medical Center, these posters teach students how to work safely in the laboratory. Set includes 10 posters: Wash Your. Science classroom posters that promote laboratory safety rules with depictions of students from diverse ethnic backgrounds. Would you like to receive email communications from Sigma-Aldrich? (You can unsubscribe at any time.) Yes. No, not at this time. We will not share information.


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And that is what physical science did today, make lab safety posters.

Some were quite clever. This is why OSHA has mandatory regulations pertaining to laboratory safety.

Laboratory hazards poster | Safety Office | University of Waterloo

These regulations pertain to the laboratory safety posters handling of substances in the laboratory as well as the need for the correct Personal Protective Equipment PPE. Not everyone in the lab receives the same verbal safety reminders at the same frequency.


Posters help fill the gaps. Yeah, Yeah, I Heard It Already Over time, there is always the danger that your lab safety poster will become a standard fixture in the lab that no one notices anymore, not even you. laboratory safety posters


It might as well be wallpaper. How can you get people to notice?

Lab Safety Training Videos & DVDs | OSHA Compliant

Fundamentally, it boils down to a basic challenge of convincing people to care. This challenge is not new.

  • Reflections of a Science Teacher: Lab Safety Posters
  • General Laboratory Safety

How many people were paying rapt attention to the pre-flight safety review last time you were on an airplane? Full time reinforcement of safe lab conduct.

Nowhere is 'an ounce of prevention' of more vital concern than in the educational laboratory, especially when chemicals are present.

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