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L'ombra del vento

I was going to love this book. I needed a whole pad of post-its to mark quotes. I wanted to read this in Spanish for the rich poetry the language would add. A young boy Daniel is taken by his l ombra del vento ebook to the Cemetery of Forgotten Books and told to salvage a book which he must take stewardship over.


He choses a novel—or maybe it chose him—that touches him, stirs his desire for literature, and forever entangles him with the fate of the b I read the opening few pages and instantly knew 3 things: He choses a novel—or maybe it chose him—that touches him, stirs his desire for literature, and forever entangles him with the fate of the book and its author.

L ombra del vento ebook strange author died in poverty but now someone is seeking out all remaining copies of his unsuccessful novels to burn. Daniel embarks on l ombra del vento ebook mission to solve the mystery of the author's story being watched by a revengeful cop and the book burner himself.

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As the story twists and slowly unravels he doesn't know whose account to trust or how it will affect his life. Wrapped up in the mystery is a message of death: The Shadow of the Wind is an allegory for death in a fictitious novel by the same title.


Shadow is a perfect symbol for death evoking images of how death can be metaphorical instead of literal—living shadows of lives, chasing shadows of dreams, being shadows of l ombra del vento ebook, letting memories shadow life.

Every character had shadows which could engulf them or they could overcome. In this sense death becomes a fate we chose ourselves.

L'ombra Del Vento Zafon Epub Download Site. Leo

For death is not always the worst thing that can happen "words are not always the worst prison". Every time the word shadow was used I considered its illusion of death. L ombra del vento ebook was with much thought that the word was scattered throughout the book.

Spoilers Just as the fictitious novel was an echo of the book and Julian's life, I loved watching Daniel's life parallel Julian's. Both grew up poor without an ideal family life, fell in love with a rich girl who was the adoration of her father and whose brother was a best friend, evoked murderous anger from her father after impregnating her, and when they have a brush with death, extremes of hate and love anchored their fight to survive.

As Julian's story unfolds, Daniel unwittingly l ombra del vento ebook himself in the exact same point of their duel destiny.

L'ombra del vento by Carlos Ruiz Zafón

Once Daniel is aware of the correlation, the comparison stops. Is it because Daniel consciously chooses to chance his path or has fate dealt him a better hand?

Julian wrote "There are no coincidences. We are the puppets of our subconscious desires.

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The sad thing is I believed Julian's love for Penelope as it grew in obsession more than Daniel's love for Beatriz which seemed a happy chance of lust.

Themes of devils and angels are prevalent as characters save and ruin each others' lives. Clara is a physical angel who is blind while Fumero an l ombra del vento ebook devil blinded by hate.


While women tended to be described as angel and men devil, most characters held both in different shades. Take Julian the angel child bringing life love, novels who turned into the devil Lain Coubert bringing death destruction, fear.

But the characters pick l ombra del vento ebook to accept the destiny allotted them. Fermin was living death in the shadows of the street who had to get over his demons to find life worth living. The shadows for Nuria, Julian, Fortuny, even Fumero didn't have to give them a reason to quit living.

The book reminded me of The 13th Tale thematically, linguistically, and in delivery, although I loved this book so much more.

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