L'Abbaye de Northanger - suivi de Catherine Morland: 2 traductions françaises de Northanger Abbey (+ Biographie complète de l'auteur, analyse de l'oeuvre. Northanger Abbey is a British television film adaptation of Jane Austen's eponymous . She revealed that she really wanted the role, explaining "sometimes when you read a script, you think 'God, I'd love to do that.'" While speaking of his  Theme music composer‎: ‎Charlie Mole. Buy L'abbaye de Northanger by Jane Austen, Pierre Arnaud from Amazon's Fiction Books Store. Everyday low prices on a huge range of new releases and.


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The following day, Catherine makes the acquaintance of the Thorpe family. John flirts with Catherine at a ball, but she is more interested in meeting with Henry and his sister, Eleanor Catherine Walker. Catherine is pressured by Isabella and John into riding to Blaise Castledespite her having l abbaye de northanger plans for a walk with Henry and Eleanor.

John assures her that he saw Henry driving a phaeton to Wick Rocksbut while Catherine is in John's carriage, she sees l abbaye de northanger Tilneys walking along the street.

Catherine Morland : L'abbaye de Northanger

Catherine asks John to stop, knowing he lied to her, but he refuses. Catherine runs into the Tilney family at the opera and makes her apologies, before planning another walk. John tells Henry's father, General Tilney Liam Cunninghamthat Catherine is the Allens' heir, and the General invites her to l abbaye de northanger the day with the family.

Catherine l abbaye de northanger delighted when she learns Henry and Eleanor love books as much as she does. On her return home, Isabella tells Catherine that she and James are engaged. James and John announce that they are to leave Bath for a few weeks and after talking about marriage with Catherine, John leaves believing she is in love with him.

Isabella catches the eye of Henry's older brother, Captain Frederick Tilney Mark Dymondand flirts with him after she learns how low James' income will be. General Tilney invites Catherine to stay with his family at Northanger L abbaye de northanger and she accepts.

Jane Austen: Northanger Abbey

When Isabella tells Catherine that John is going to propose to her, Catherine tells her friend to write to him and explains that he is mistaken.

Isabella continues to flirt with Frederick and Catherine asks Henry to convince his brother to leave her alone. However, l abbaye de northanger tells Catherine that Frederick will be leaving town soon to re-join his regiment.

Catherine states that Northanger Abbey looks exactly as she imagined it and she becomes intrigued by Mrs. Due to her overactive imagination, Catherine starts to believe that General Tilney murdered his l abbaye de northanger. Henry catches her in his mother's chamber and becomes offended when he realises what she has been thinking.

Catherine apologises and Henry tells her that perhaps it is possible to read too many novels.

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Catherine receives a letter from James, in which he reveals l abbaye de northanger his engagement to Isabella has been called off, because she allowed Frederick to l abbaye de northanger her.

Eleanor explains to Catherine that her brother has no intention of marrying Isabella. Catherine gets a letter from Isabella, asking her to apologise to James for her, but Catherine states that she will do no such thing.

General Tilney returns home from a trip away and orders Eleanor to send Catherine home to Fullerton that night.

Catherine endures the trip alone and believes that Henry told the General about her suspicions. A few days later, Henry comes to Fullerton and explains that the General discovered that Catherine's family were not as rich as John led him to believe.

He apologises for his father's actions and explains that even though he will probably be disinherited, he loves Catherine and proposes. Catherine accepts and the couple marry.


Production[ edit ] Conception and adaptation[ edit ] l abbaye de northanger think Austen is a lot more romantic and straightforward than she actually is.

She is quite practical about love and relationships — she's very measured about who people should marry. What's quite interesting with Henry Tilney is that he doesn't necessarily fall madly in love with Catherine straight away.

It's a very gradual development, and it's her enthusiasm for him that prompts him to l abbaye de northanger her affections. It's very subtle how she draws her characters, which is what I like. These films will be very much films

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