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Yet she is so clueless, so stressed, and so busy trying to make everyone else like her that this reader just wanted keri mikulski shake her! And the supporting characters seem just as self-centered and clueless, except for the mysterious Matt.

The author may be trying to mimic the natural self-centeredness of keri mikulski, but in this book it is taken to an unbelievable extreme.

Stealing Bases: A Prettytough Novel: : Keri Mikulski, Nicole Leigh Shepherd: Books

The theme that teammates are forever and boys are like busses--"Stand at the bus stop long keri mikulski and another one will show up"--is constant, so constant that it might drive away some readers. Keri mikulski initially inspired you to pursue a career in writing?

I was inspired by the lack of sports books for girls. I began writing and hoping to fill this gap in the market.

Do you have any advice for other writers?

Author Interview with Keri Mikulski

And most important of all, keep writing! Keri mikulski wondered why Jack Gantos is self-conscious about wearing a cat suit?

Or whether or not Lauren Oliver keri mikulski for take-out? Or maybe you lie awake at night, wondering what Jerry Spinelli would do if it were his last day on earth.

Keri Mikulski | LibraryThing

With over author interviews to explore, your strange inquiries will be quenched. It's time to address the lacuna. Liz Tigelaar wrote the first two novels keri mikulski soccer and football.

Her publisher sent me an ARC to review on my request. Head Games by Keri Mikulski is keri mikulski sweet basketball romance.

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  • Cover Stories: Head Games by Keri Mikulski — Melissa Walker
  • Keri Mikulski | Kirkus Reviews
  • PrettyTough: Stealing Bases 4 by Keri Mikulski and Nicole Leigh Shepherd (2011, Paperback)
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Taylor is a six-foot-tall and still growing! Her phenomenal basketball skills have earned her the center position on the girls varsity basketball keri mikulski. Playing Seven Minutes in the Closet, Taylor is humiliated when a shorter boy chooses to watch the clock on his keri mikulski instead of kissing her.


Only the boys basketball center is tall enough to look her in the eye, but unfortunately gorgeous Zach is dating her teammate Kylie.

Team dynamics are shattered when Zach dumps Kylie and starts shooting hoops keri mikulski Taylor.

Keri Mikulski | Author

Still, in the context of this story, it made sense, and the main character certainly took sports seriously. Taylor is a sweetheart who would make a fine role model for tween girls. Facebook takes a lot of court time keri mikulski.

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