When first developed in Japan in the s, the idea of just-in-time (JIT) marked a radical new approach to the manufacturing process. JIT - Background and History. JIT is a Japanese management philosophy which has been applied in practice since the early s in many Japanese. Just-in-time manufacturing originated at the British Motor Corporation in Sydney, Australia in the mid's, was later adopted in Japan, and.


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A History of Lean Manufacturing

The closer you get to the manufacturing processes, the more precious your floor space becomes. The less material you have at manufacturing, the closer together you can place your processes.

This is good for efficiency. If you have large piles of material around your processes, then the processes have just in time history be farther apart. Workers have to walk more, material has to be transported farther, information flow is slowed down, and so on.

What is "Just in Time" |

With JIT, you can reduce the inventory, especially around the processes where space is most valuable. Best of all, for this it is enough when the part arrives just on in time.


It does not matter when the part departed. You do not need to reduce inventory along the entire supply chain, but only at the last stop where the material is consumed.

A Brief History of Lean Manufacturing

The benefit of reducing just in time history around your machines and processes can also be achieved simply by storing the material elsewhere, without an overall reduction in material. Of course, reducing inventory still has lots of other benefits and is usually worthwhile.

Hence, lots of companies want to do it.


This approach bridged the gaps between production and continuous improvement and became the basis for lean manufacturing as it is known today. Although high standards are currently being met, there exist even higher standards to achieve. Companies focus on just in time history effort which involves the combining of talents and sharing knowledge, problem-solving skills, ideas and the achievement of just in time history common goal.

Work itself takes precedence over leisure. In the immediate post Second World War period, for example, Japan had one of the worse strike records in the world. Toyota had a strike in for example.


In the car maker Just in time history suffered a four month strike - involving a lockout and barbed wire barricades to prevent workers returning to work. That dispute ended with the formation of a company backed union, formed initially by members of the Nissan accounting department.

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Striking workers who joined this new union received payment for the just in time history spent on strike, a powerful financial inventive to leave their old union during such a long dispute. The slogan of this new union was just in time history who truly love their union love their company".

In order to help the workforce to adapt to what was a very different production environment Ohno introduced the analogy of teamwork in a baton relay race. As you are probably aware typically in such races four runners pass a baton between themselves and the winning team is the one that crosses the finishing line first carrying the baton and having made valid baton exchanges between runners.

Within the newly rearranged factory floor workers were encouraged to think of themselves as members of a team - passing the baton processed items between themselves with the goal of reaching the finishing line appropriately. If one worker flagged e.

In order to have a method of controlling production the flow just in time history items in this new environment Toyota introduced the kanban. The kanban is essentially information as to what has to be done.

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