This Pin was discovered by María Salaet Cots. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. the fields, wherethey decided toerect ahermitage in the nameofSt. Mary. The hermitageis still there today. Source: Josep Guijarro, Guía de la Cataluña Mágica. Josep Guijarro Triadó (Terrassa, ) is a Spanish writer, ufologist and journalist. In , he was the director and conductor of the programme Enigmes i.


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A group of U.

Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology: Spain: UFO Crash in La Graña (Galicia, )

Nothing else was ever known about its whereabouts. It was hard getting it aboard and we set it josep guijarro the bow.


The Denisovans were as well giant sized. The teeth of Denisova 4 and Denisova 8 when josep guijarro in correct proportions depict a giant larger than the range of even the Guiness book of world records.

Neanderthal skulls like Amud 1, La farrassie josep guijarro Come Capelle have the cubic capacity above modern man. Even Rhodesian Man and other skulls are drawn smaller, academia it seems is ok with deception. The brain case [of Neanderthals] on the average was more than josep guijarro percent larger than that of the average of modern man.

Giant skull with two normal size skulls.

It will present some quotes from senior military josep guijarro and show a brief UFO filming that can not be faked. Finally it shows the most recent discoveries on the surface of Mars and an artificial rectangle on Ceres, which is the largest asteroid between Mars and Jupiter.

It also shows that interstellar space travel is possible and josep guijarro prove that aliens might look human.

While analyzing observations josep guijarro many parts of the world, Vallee became intrigued by the similarities josep guijarro every culture in patterns between modern sightings and historical reports of encounters with flying objects and their occupants.

After a career josep guijarro an information scientist with Stanford Research Institute and the Institute for the Future, where he served as a principal investigator for the groupware project on the ARPANET, the prototype of the Internet, Vallee cofounded a venture capital firm in Silicon Valley.

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