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On the day he was due for his grand debut—October 17— our excellent baby stirred around enough to poke a leak in his bag and get everyone excited. However, by mid-afternoon, he changed his mind, resealed his bag and settled down. BW headed home the jd robb books free morning, and I stayed—as co-coach for labor and delivery—all assuming again things would get going any minute.

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It gave me time to help the any-minute-now parents finish getting everything ready, time to cook some meals for them. Even when minutes turned into hours, and hours into days, no problem. Our Kat had on-and-off contractions and a lot of fatigue—and a couple more trips to see the midwife as the baby kept teasing jd robb books free entrance.

Just jd robb books free midnight on the 24th things start moving.

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After a couple hours, a homeopathic shot to try to help her sleep, and home we go. I got about three hours, and Jason reported he managed a couple. This is the right choice.


So we get dressed, feed the cats, move out. I let BW know. I sit in the back seat, rubbing her arm or shoulder, see that Jason keeps taking her jd robb books free while we try to help her breathe through the pains—nearly all in her back. When we park, she has another big one right in the lot.

A nurse heading home after shift stops, gets her a wheelchair, and escorts us straight up to labor and delivery. So grateful to her.

Now she has her midwife and an OB nurse, the exam, and finally after jd robb books free hour or so, relief. The room has a little sofa that expands so Jason gets some sack time, too.

And the long day continues.

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They have what they call a peanut ball—because of its shape—and as we go through various OB nurses—shift changes—and a shift change in her midwife—they have her try various positions with the ball. She can eat broth and jello, jd robb books free would like her own broth.

BW and I make a trip to their house for that, some more supplies, and go back on watch.


BW takes Jason off for something to eat; I catch some Zs on the sofa. Then BW finds a place to sleep a bit, I go back to doze in the chair in the room with Kat sleeping and Jason jd robb books free on the sofa. But as dawn breaks things are moving.

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Time for more broth, more jello, more shift changes. Honestly, by now that room is pretty much the world. So proud of him. Of them, as they showed such strength, such endurance, such teamwork.

Then Kat spiked a fever—likely from jd robb books free on the epidural for 24 hours. I admit that was the only thing that scared me.

By then we have our original midwife Joanne, and a completely wonderful OB nurse Allison on duty. Kat has to get antibiotics, and they have to tell her jd robb books free means at least 24 hours in the NICU for the baby after birth—hospital policy.

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