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It is a safe and wonderful opportunity for personal intellectual and spiritual discovery You will be challenged by tests izvantjelesna iskustva will izvantjelesna iskustva courage You may confront and conquer your greatest fears.

You may be visited by great beauty and understanding. Upon completion of your personal spirit quest You will make new friends and discover new dimensions within yourself.

You may even discover new mission and purpose in your life.

You will be vitally empowered. And you will never be izvantjelesna iskustva the same again! Ayahuasca SpiritQuest is designed for the mature, sincere, and respectful seeker of cultural izvantjelesna iskustva, spiritual enlightenment, and personal healing.

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SpiritQuest is a golden opportunity for those wishing to safely and expediently connect with true practitioners of traditional Amazonian shamanism in a positive and highly respectful framework.

SpiritQuest is not a tourist izvantjelesna iskustva experience. It is a true shamanic workshop retreat, a serious yet joyous undertaking from which can come great personal discovery, holistic growth and healing, rejuvenation, new knowledge, and renewed vigor for life.

The desired personal benefits will be profoundly influenced by your positive state of izvantjelesna iskustva, heart and spirit in entering your work with the shamans, the izvantjelesna iskustva, and the Medicine.

Personal commitment and some sacrifice is required to produce the most positive results possible.

Izvantjelesno iskustvo

Serious advance preparation and diet are required for fullest benefit. We will assist in all aspects of your pre-journey orientation and preparation.

SpiritQuest safely and confidently escorts you past the substantial insecurity, uncertainties, and potentially serious risks of undertaking such a quest alone without well-informed and trustworthy guidance. SpiritQuest is your izvantjelesna iskustva into the deeper realms of Amazonian shamanic culture.


We are richly experienced in the facilitation, assimilation izvantjelesna iskustva integration of these experiences for visiting participants and izvantjelesna iskustva all the caring personal support, counsel and guidance you desire before, during, and after SpiritQuest.

SpiritQuest shamanic teacher-healers are honest-to-goodness maestro curanderos, two people of extraordinary rainforest knowledge, with over 85 years combined experience in the shamanic healing arts.

You will be most impressed with their incredible knowledge of Amazon healing plants and spirituality, ceremonial skills, and uncorrupted integrity. They are genuine master shamans and curanderos in the truest sense who sustain active healing practices in izvantjelesna iskustva own communities.

Shamanic practices experienced in SpiritQuest are conducted safely in the original time-honored traditions of the Peruvian Amazon.

SpiritQuest is an intense, highly concentrated experiential growth process which, though not entirely easy, can impart a new meaning, depth and purpose for one's life which many people seek today. SpiritQuest is a genuine and powerful transcultural spiritual experience.

Each workshop component is designed to help you experience the oneness of Humanity, Nature and Izvantjelesna iskustva in a dynamic izvantjelesna iskustva personal way, thus initiating a lasting and positive transformative process in izvantjelesna iskustva life.

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You will have the potential to transcend the barriers of time and space to comprehend the ancient izvantjelesna iskustva of Amazonian shamanic beliefs, practices, izvantjelesna iskustva sources of power.

The processes of cleansing, catharsis and spiritual exploration undertaken in and around the ceremonies are challenging and often briefly uncomfortable.


The purge is an integral part of the Ayahuasca cleansing process.

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