Tinggal hanya bersama saudara laki .. Pengisian blanko inventarisasi .. d. melaksanakan inventarisasi tegakan sesuai dengan rencana. This paper describes the use of Landsat 7 ETM+ for evaluating logged over stand condition. The digital classification and spatial analysis were performed to. Godwin Limberg telah tinggal dan bekerja di Kalimantan Timur, Indonesia, sejak Praktik pembersihan tegakan bawah di blok tebangan telah merugikan kegiatan inventarisasi hutan untuk jenis-jenis kayu komersial yang bisa dipanen.


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This procedures or memo is elaborated pursuant to following regulations: Indonesia promulgated the new investment law under Law No.

The requirements set forth under the New Investment Law give certainly in conducting the investment in Indonesia. It is safe to say that such provisions equally take side both on domestic and foreign investors.

In terms of foreign investment, the law provides more specific stipulations for the foreign investor; thus inventarisasi tegakan tinggal investors are more likely to be benefited by this New Investment Law. The legal basis for the regulation is to facilitate the implementation of Articles 2 and 44 of Presidential Inventarisasi tegakan tinggal No, 90 ofArticle 9 1 of Government Regulation No.

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This regulation includes an extensive list of definitions that are used throughout. Each of the governmental levels is addressed in Chapter III.

Part One addresses the central government and BKPM role, Part Two deals with the provincial government roles, and part three deals with the role of the district and city governments, and part four deals with investment in free trade inventarisasi tegakan tinggal port zones.

Article 13 states that there are two basic types of investment services: Licensing services include, among others, investment registration, in-principle investment agreement, location licenses, building permits, rights to land, and other licenses needed to implement capital investment.

On the inventarisasi tegakan tinggal side, the services include, among others, duty facilities for the import of machines, income tax facilities, import identification numbers, expatriate labor plans, regional incentives, and information and complaint services.

Each of these is then further enumerated in the succeeding Articles.

Restoring Forests For Communities, Biodiversity, and

Applications can be submitted by the applicant or by any party with the requisite power of attorney to do so. The power of attorney must include sufficient stamp duty and clearly identify the attorney.

For a power of attorney signed overseas, the power of attorney must be notarized or legalized at the Indonesian representative mission in the country of origin. All licenses and non-license issued prior to this regulation remain in force until the date of inventarisasi tegakan tinggal expiry.

The regulation was issued on inventarisasi tegakan tinggal December and came into force on 2 January Statement letter from the small scale enterprise if required under Law No.

In order to ensure the efficient processing of the application, inventarisasi tegakan tinggal is desirable that applicants furnish all requested information and documents with their applications. Failure to submit this information leads to delays in granting approval.

The limited liability company must then at any time have at least two shareholders. If in any event the shareholders become less, within six months, the remaining shareholder shall find another partner become the second shareholder or otherwise the company will lose its limited liability company status.

Inventarisasi tegakan tinggal will issue a foreign investment approval letter as the Investment License for the investors, the content of which include details of the approved project and usually reflect the terms of the application.

May | | Indonesia Investment Law

Investment License allows the investors to start the actual investment in Indonesia. Please note however that the Investment License will automatically expire if the investors do not perform any actual investment realization within 3 of after the date of the Investment License was issued.

This deed of inventarisasi tegakan tinggal should be drafted in consistency with the joint venture agreement if any and the Company Law. Certain commercial matters in the joint venture agreement are not normally stated in the deed of establishment. To obtain NPWP, the inventarisasi tegakan tinggal documents must be submitted.

Separate operating accounts will normally be opened at the sometime. These accounts can be opened after the deed of inventarisasi tegakan tinggal has been executed and a copy of the deed is submitted to the bank. Normally, within two to three months after the Deed of Establishment has been filed with the Department of Inventarisasi tegakan tinggal and Human Rights and examined by its employees, the Minister of Justice and Human Rights will grant approval.


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