Industrijska tlačna stikala in merilniki Nipress. Proizvajalec opreme za meritve NIVELCO je z letom izpopolnil svoj program NIPRESS. Širok izbor tlačnih. Industrijska elektronika · Pogonska tehnika · Daljinsko upravljanje dvigal · Servis in vzdrževanje · Telekomunikacije · Razvoj · eCURA · Krmilne enote ETKM. An industrial robot is a robot system used for manufacturing. Industrial robots are automated, programmable and capable of movement on two or more g: industrijska ‎| ‎Must include: ‎industrijska.


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Robot programming and interfaces[ edit ] Offline programming A typical well-used teach pendant with optional mouse The setup or programming industrijska robotika motions and sequences for an industrial robot is typically taught by linking the robot controller to a laptopdesktop computer or internal or Internet network.

A robot and a collection of machines or peripherals is referred to as a workcellor cell. A typical cell might contain a parts feeder, a molding machine and a robot.

The various machines are 'integrated' and controlled industrijska robotika a single computer or PLC. How the robot interacts with other machines in the cell must be programmed, both with regard to their positions in the cell and synchronizing with them. The computer is installed with corresponding interface software.

Industrial robot - Wikipedia

The use of a computer greatly simplifies the programming process. Specialized robot software industrijska robotika run either in the robot controller or in the computer or both depending on the system design.

There are two basic entities that need to be taught or programmed: For example, in a task to move a screw from a feeder to a industrijska robotika the positions of the feeder and the hole must first be taught or programmed.

The purpose of the robot software is to facilitate both these programming industrijska robotika.

industrijska robotika Teaching the robot positions may be achieved a number of ways: Positional commands The robot can be directed to the required position using a GUI or text based industrijska robotika in which the required X-Y-Z position may be specified and edited.

Robot positions can be taught via a teach pendant. This is a handheld control and programming unit. The common features of such units are the ability to manually send industrijska robotika robot to a desired position, or "inch" or "jog" to adjust a position.

They also have a means to change the speed since a low speed is usually required for careful positioning, or while test-running through a new or modified routine.

Industrial robot

A large emergency stop button is usually included as well. Typically once the robot has been programmed there is no more use for the teach pendant. In this method, one user holds the robot's manipulator, while another person enters a industrijska robotika which de-energizes the robot causing it to go into limp.

The program can later run the robot to these positions or along the taught path. This technique industrijska robotika popular for tasks such as paint spraying.

industrijska robotika Offline programming is where the entire cell, the robot and all the machines or instruments in the workspace are mapped graphically. The robot can then be moved on screen and the process simulated.

A robotics simulator is used to create embedded applications industrijska robotika a robot, without depending on the physical operation of the robot arm and end effector. The advantages of robotics simulation is that it saves time in the design of robotics applications.


It can also increase the level of safety associated with robotic equipment since various "what if" scenarios can be tried and tested before the system is activated. Robotics Simulator Robot simulation tools allow for robotics programs to be conveniently written and debugged off-line with the final industrijska robotika of the program tested on an actual robot.

The ability industrijska robotika preview the behavior of a robotic system in a virtual world allows for a variety of mechanisms, devices, configurations and controllers to be tried and tested before being applied to a "real world" system.

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